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People say that birthdays are special. In one day, you get people wishing you good things and congratulating you as you are one step older. It is nice to get people and friends to do that. But I think, the most special wishes are the ones that come from people close to you. Whether they are family members or friends, it is a nice feeling to have them making time, no matter how busy they are or how far they live, they will be there for you to celebrate that special day.

The most precious thing in life is not defined by just things. Well, I guess it is nice to have people send you flowers, chocolates and presents in pretty boxes. But I think, the most important thing is time. When people make time for you and be there in person, you are categorised as important. You are a someone in their lives. It is the best feeling in the world to know that you are meaningful to someone, right ?

So whenever somebody close to you is having a special day, be there. It does not matter whether it is just half an hour, an hour or several hours. Be there. A human being will feel loved and mattered to the world, and will it be nice that we are the one who do that for them.

Love people that matter around you. You will never know what will happen tomorrow or the next day. Make every second counts.

Life is short. Love others. S.

My long-term best friend. He has been there every year on my birthday. #thankful 🙂

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