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The Proper Comfort

When you wake up in the morning and feels restless. Probably it’s the time of the month for your period, lack of sleep, too much work outs or anything in between and you just feel like you want to curl up in bed with your comfiest old pyjama and do nothing. BUT THEN. You have to wake up and dress up to attend your best friend’s birthday lunch, you have to run some errands at some places or fulfilling your promise to meet up with your long lost friend. What would you wear ? Literally you’re really hoping to just go around without making yourself up.

But what if you’re bumping into your worst frenemies, or that girl who talks shit about you behind your back merrily, your new ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend or even your ex-boyfriend himself ? You don’t want to look bad and make them happy right ? NO.

So, get yourself together. Wash your hair and take a long shower, apply some make up and your hair. With rosy cheeks and lips, you will feel better eventually, then the magic lays on effortless simple plus cosy outfit and statement shoes that will allow you style with comfort.

Nothing can go wrong with a simple plain dress with a great colour tone. This simple slip on linen minidress in dark green and a little twisting detail on the sleeveless part of the dress screams comfort and minimalist fashion style all in one. I got this dress in a local market back in Bangkok, Thailand. The shop is all linen and traditional, so I also scored the wooden statement necklace in the shape of elephant with beads details. A furry clutch for texture in Burgundy and I got myself into my chunky boots with thick fluffy cotton socks in black, all from STRADIVARIUS. The whole outfit is simple yet stylish with a little bit of detail here and there.

Another day, another dress, another comfort. Black and white plaid cotton dress, petite and oversized, with linings here and there. With monochrome on my body, I put a touch of colours with my tassel dangly earrings made of woven threads in lilac. All from Bangkok, Thailand local brand market. With busy earrings, I don’t need any necklace or rings, so my hands need something. That’s when my Indonesian local brand lilac furry monster head shaped clutch come in handy. With BERSHKA lacy boots that has a zipper opening on each side of the shoes and socks in black, I’m ready to go. All comfort, all style.

Fashion and styling are one thing : Making everything works, even in your worst, lousiest day ever.

Loves, S.

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