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Silver Lining : Boxtown Food

When I talk about Boxtown, the place where I was born and where I grew up in, it always has been like talking about a love and hate relationship. There is literally nothing wrong with the city, even with the brutal traffic jam on weekends, I don’t really mind. It’s still a nice small town. But it’s always been with the majority of mindset and the people that I haven’t been in sync with. I can say that it’s a grey area in living my life there. So living wise, I would rather be elsewhere. But, hey, food wise, it’s a small foodie paradise.

Indonesian people always have rice as the main dish. So we’ve got a lot of yummy rice base meals. Even for some Indonesians, when they eat some big meals that don’t consist of rice at all, they will not consider that as eating. Period.

The photo above was taken at one of my favourite place to dine and hang out in Boxtown. The place is called Kopi-Lay, so it’s actually an Indonesian-Asian Fusion dining place with a boutique hotel in tact. It’s a casual dining place, really laid back and relax and of course really affordable. Being affordable doesn’t mean that the quality is lower. The food is still quite tasty and fresh.

So shall we start with what’s on the table. On the small kettle is spicy and crispy breaded fried bean curd which is best serve hot. Westerners will find Indonesian’s level of spicy and hot as out of this world, unless they are used to the spicy taste of Indonesian food. Even for me, sometimes I can’t really tolerate with how hot it is, it’s like getting my tongue poured with hot water and stabbed continuously by a fork. Trust me, it’s that SPICY! So be careful. Then, on the bottom, is rice served warm with traditional spiced fried chicken, beancurd, tempeh, Indonesian pickles ( cucumber and carrot ), with shrimp crackers. There is a bit of fried red onions on top of the rice for fragrance and three choices of fresh sambal ( traditional Indonesian fresh chilli sauce ). The one with the long plate is oyster sauce Singaporean Hainan Chicken Rice, consists of chicken slaughter with oyster sauce, boiled eggs rubber with spices, and a bowl of clear chicken broth soup. The drink beside water ? Tea Tarik of course ! It’s a sweet, bitter tea, shaken with condensed milk.

It’s a great lunch or dinner for me, but I always prefer dinner. With a full stomach and satisfied feeling, it’s always a goodnight sleep after. Right ?

Hopefully, someday you can pay the visit ! Dinner on me #wink.

With love, S.

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