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Teenage Dream


When you idolise someone, either it is a blogger, a singer, an actor or actress, a band, a chef or anyone special, you get the feeling of wanting to see that idol in person. If you like this person in such a big enough amount, you will actually make the see-this-person-in-person become a reality. So that what happened when Justin Bieber was doing a concert in Sydney, Australia and the time was all in the right places. I did not even think twice to fly there and see him in real life. When everything is right, it’s a now or never chance.

People think that Justin Bieber is a stereotype. Well, I don’t know about that but all I know, his music is good, he looks good and he catches me. It’s not like a crush, it’s just like I love his music. As simple as that. Sure enough, most of his audience was a bunch of teenage girls. Speaking of which, I saw this concert with my Dad. He was beyond anxious going to the concert and ask me whether we would spot anyone around his age. Well, he ended up buying some merchandise. Yes, Bieber got that fever to people. Even my Dad. Haha.

Martin Garrix was the opening act. So my Dad was happy with that because he was into his music. When Bieber came out, he was still just standing there, not moving at all. But when he spotted some parents and Bieber got into several songs and launched to some dance moves, man, my Dad was swaying. Not bad for a person who is more into Queen and Guns ‘n’ Roses, right ? LOL.

So what does this sum up about my life ? Seeing every girl’s dream and crush up on stage : JUSTIN BIEBER checked !!!

When you have the opportunities or chances about anyone or anything, never let them down. Sometimes, you will not bump into such things twice. You just got to grab on that one chance, and let it lead the way. Well, it led me to Bieber, no ? Haha.

Loving life and please see more concerts guys ! Love, S.

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