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Page One : The Fresh New Start


Ending 2018 and entering 2019, people make resolutions. Whether it is about a body goal, the dream job, love life or anything in between. A new year is almost like a fresh start, a time where somebody punch the reset button and taking a step into the new beginning, another chapter of life.

I used to make a list of things to do, resolutions for myself and setting my goals. Some of them, well yes, I have made it but some of them too, have failed. Things that I failed to do used to make me feel like shit. I am a perfectionist, I even have my stationaries in the correct orders accordingly to my likings. I have to put my food neatly before I eat them because I think it is more satisfying and tidy. Yes, I think I can be classified as OCD. LOL.

Anyways, back to the topic. I think, a new year is almost like a Monday or like a next month. We always think, okay, I will start to diet on Monday. Okay, I will look for a job next month. Yes, I will try to be a better person next week. If there is a fresh start, there is a clear, neon box, drum rolls on every TOMORROW.

We all can say that we can start even the next second. But also sometimes, we need to sleep on whatever it is, take a deep breath and rest, then when we open our eyes the next thing in the morning, there you go : your START, fresh, after you sleep on it and leave it all behind.

We tend to be in search for a start and waiting for the next NEXT or the next NEW. It doesn’t always have to be a big event like New Year when you want to resolute yourself and try to do a goal. Plus, it doesn’t have to be a long list of things TO DO. You can always choose one first rather than put ten things and leave them half way.

So, people. Sleep on it. Breathe. Let go and shake it off, whatever it is that holds you back. When you wake up and breathe your first air in the morning, it is your new start. Choose one thing you would want to do, start fresh and finish strong. If there are bumps along the road, and there will be, never give up. When you pass everything and finish that one thing, you are a winner and you are awesome.

Speaking of which, here are some of the highlights of one of my most favourite cities in the world : Sydney, Australia. I think I can relax here, breathe new experiences, get myself refresh and when I come back to the place where I have to be and what I have to do, I can do a little better with a new spirit and motivations.

Whenever we are in the middle of doing something to achieve our goals, sometimes we are so fed up we want to stop. It is good to take a rest, go someplace to replace yourself and then get back at it.

When these photos were taken, it was Spring time in Bondi Beach. The sun was shy, the air had a touch of cool breeze around the afternoon, but warm still earlier in the day. My favourite munch no matter how hot or cold the weather would be all day everyday is this pistachio gelato from Anita. I did not know then that the Cookie Monster sauce is such a big deal so I skipped on that and chose my ultimate favourite flavour. But, all good, it was two thumbs up.

The day went on and it took my journey to Holy Basil. Located on one of the old hotels in Sydney with a classic vintage bar before the restaurant, I tasted one of the most delicious Thai food I have ever tasted in life. Personally, I loved the most common Pad Thai and Green Chicken Curry. Of course, with an Indonesian girl, white rice is a must. So, yeah, I think for now on, I can never do that no rice on dinner diets. Haha. Well diets can go to hell, I love food.

So my loves, I hope my perspective can get through you.

Love, S.

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