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What Makes Me Coming Back For More

On one Friday evening, you are doing nothing and reading your favourite magazine. As you flip the glossy page and scan the juicy articles, you come across restaurant reviews and you happen to find one hipster cafe that fascinates your interest, both on the interior design and the food. You decide that on Saturday you will try that place for brunch and already set your expectation high.

Finally you’ve made it to the new restaurant. The early crowd is not as packed so you find yourself a seat with a friend. The atmosphere is cosy and you find yourself at home and already thinking to come back for more coffee dates. So, after you scan the menu and know what to order, you wave your hand to the nearest waiter. He says he will come soon but he just circle around to other guests and you find him just standing in the corner talking to his barista friend like you never ask him to take your orders. Same goes with two other waiters who wave you off like you are not even there. This kind of manner already gives you uneasy and annoyed feeling.

So after your order is taken, you think that probably the food will make up for it. It takes a long time for your order to come to your table and you already lose your appetite and excitement all at once. The food is actually nice, the coffee is actually good, but you already scrap that idea of going back. The manners are unacceptable and people can not even get more rude than you have ever imagined. So much for a nice place and good review. The people there do not make you feel comfortable and welcome at all.

One fine morning in Spring, I was walking around in Sydney and bumped into a tiny artistic corner that caught my eyes. With bustling coffee machines and catchy music, a bearded energetic guy was moving around making cappuccinos and lattes for a crowd of people who I believe were on their way to work. Those random people were waiting happily and patiently for their coffees without complaining. I was thinking, the coffee must be good. So I joined the line and waited. Even with no sitting area and the coffees were made for to-go purposes, some people still standing around and mingle with one another and with the barista.

As I got in front of the line and ready for my order of a cup of hot latte, the guy who happened to be the owner of this tiny but fascinating coffee shop was being really friendly, took my order and preferences really well and even when he was busy making coffees, he gave the effort of doing small talks with me. I was really happy with my delicious and fresh coffee, and it really did make my day with a friendly morning from a stranger. 

So, I got myself a conclusion out of my thought. No matter how cool, trendy, five-stars-reviewed a restaurant or a cafe is, even if the food is actually good, it will not stay and last in a long term. Sooner or later, it will not work. People will not want to come back for more because they are treated poorly. They will choose one little cafe in the corner who serves coffee to go and warm pastries with one friendly barista that makes you smile in the morning. 

From sunny spring in Sydney, guys ! I will come back for that coffee in the corner one day ! 

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