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You Are Your Own Hero

A sunny day with a blue sky on a spring in Sydney. Darling Harbour was a bit busy, as the afternoon came and people were gathering around approaching the rows of cafes, restaurants or just sitting around the deck facing the calm water. The birds were flying in flocks, chirping around merrily and the wind started to feel chilly. There were people walking by themselves, couples, group of friends passing by. People in groups were chatting, some were just happy getting drown in their own thoughts. 

Being there, I thought, we never knew what one human being is thinking between one another. Some may have deep internal problems, some thoughts just go blank or some just pretty happy. For those with problems, each and every one, we can never put ourselves in their shoes. Because we are definitely not them.

Some people have spending problems on money. It doesn’t matter if they buy a lot of self-help books about managing money and fighting the urge to spend their money. As long as it’s not their powerful will and mind pressing the urge, no matter how much money they spend on books who they think will help them, it’s going to be an even more money wasted.

Some people have a psychiatric problems. It doesn’t matter if they go to the psychiatrist and getting a treatment every week. If they don’t fight back their own demons inside also, they will get defeated eventually and they will think even with help, they’re not better than before. So they will feel small and discourage, they lost.

We create our own problems, we create our own heroes. It doesn’t matter what we are facing, in which aspect in life, what we need to help ourselves. If it does not come from our own hearts and willing, we will never be the winner. It is all about what lays within, what we are thinking about. In conclusion, we are the one who decide at the end of the day and we are the one who choose our heroes in our troubles. You screw up, you fix it. You have problem, you solve it. 

Choose yourself, find the strength within you, be your own hero. 

By the way, this was for dinner that one fine day, Hurricane’s Bar and Grill by the Darling Harbour. YUMNESS !

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