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Don’t Clasp Up, Hang Out !

Not everyone is a social kind of person and clearly there is nothing wrong with that. You can be chatty and you can be quiet. As long as you are being yourself and you are happy with yourself, why not just be one thing : the original you. Not every chatty person has a lot of friends, and not every quiet person is a loner. Sometimes, the one that doesn’t say a lot gain so many friends and vice versa.

But be one thing, be a person that everybody will be happy to hang around with. It is not about being the center of the attention or making jokes all the time. It is more of knowing when is your time to talk and when is the time to be quiet. If you happen to blurt out something that is unpleasant or better left unsaid, never ever ramble around because you are panicking. Instead, just breathe, say sorry and move on to the next topic. You can not take back what is already out from your mouth. But it is never too late to make things right after you realise what goes wrong.

So never clasp yourself up in your shell and not being out there making friends. One friend is better than nothing and everyone can always use a friend. Right ? So call up some people, meet up, have some nice meal and chat up !

If you happen to be friends with anybody and have not seen them for a while, never lose contact. Just call them, text them, be the first person to ask them to meet up. A catch up would be awesome. Never scared of things getting awkward. You are friends on the first place so you guys will get comfortable soon enough. If you happen to be a WhatsApp buddy with somebody and never seen them before in person, meet up and hang out. You can either stop chatting to a creep or be real friends in real life with somebody really amazing. And that is a lot off really-s. Haha.

Be friends with anybody. Friends with kids, without kids. From any kinds of cultural backgrounds. Never differentiate one person to another. Everybody is unique and it is so great to meet people see each and every one of their characters. Anyone with anything will be fun. Enjoy and make friends. It is a great way to live and learn. Ah, adventure. 

Love, xxx, S. 

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