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Out of L.O.V.E

Here’s just a little thought I’ve had this morning. 

Doing the right thing is always a good thing. But doing the right thing and grumbling inside your heart and soul will not bring you any joy or making you feel happy. Doing something right out of necessity is a burden, it’s hard and it takes a huge effort. It makes you feel heavy.

Doing the right thing out of love is almost effortless. You feel happy because you’re doing something right and because you do it wholeheartedly like somebody who’s falling in love for the first time with someone. It’s lighter than air and it will take you so happy, you feel like flying to the moon and dancing between the stars.

For example, if you’re being forced to go to the church, even if going to church is the right thing to do, you’ll see no point in doing it. Worshipping, praying and even hear the preaching. But if you love God huge enough, you’ll go to church because you love Him and therefore worshipping and praying, hearing the preach about God, is something that heart pleasing.

So when you do want to do what’s right or what you consider as good for you, find the love in it. Then, you can do it easily, effortlessly and it will bring you joy and happiness while you’re at it. 

Love, S.

Dress : Thailand Local Brand – Shoes : ZARA – Bag : CELINE

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