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The Travel Comfort

T Shirt : ZARA TRF – Jogger Pants : TOPSHOP – Sneakers : ADIDAS – Bag : Unbranded Local Brands from Hong Kong

Getting on a plane, whether it’s a short or a long flight, you’ll need something comfortable for you to put on yourself to survive all the way while flying. I’m not saying I hate airplane rides, just sometimes being on a plane and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on economy, business, or first class, sometimes it cramps my space out. I always need to stretch out and be in my most comfortable outfit.

I always put on an oversized shirt or sweater top wise. It allows movements, it doesn’t get too hot or too cold and you can still ask for blanket and bring yourself a scarf if needed. It’s a cosy kind of top and I can choose a more stylish kind of shirt or sweater if I worry about bumping into somebody I know or someone that I want to impress. Haha. Also, I paired up with a pair of legging or jogger bottom wise. I don’t really go with jeans because it tends to cramp up my belly. I’d like to be in my liberating outfit. And always a pair of sneakers with invisible socks for footwear. Nothing can ever go wrong with them. A sling bag or a backpack that’s functional with big compartments and pockets inside for passport, boarding pass and other travel documents for sure. One proper one so I wont have to bring extra bags and increase all the troubles. LOL.

Dress : ZARA – Sneakers : ADIDAS – Sunglasses : DIOR – Bag : Unbranded Thailand Local Brand

When travelling, my footwear of choices would be boots or sneakers, depends on where I’m going and what season it would be. Usually I choose a footwear that will go with all of my outfit choices, so I wouldn’t need to bring a lot of shoes. Also, I’ll choose all the versatile and neutral coloured accessories such as sunglasses, necklace, rings and so on. I’ll bring one big bag and one smaller one, depends on the mood on which one I’ll be using and I’ll have two choices too. Plus, you’re not stuck with only one bag in every photos you’re posting on social media, well if you care about those kinds of things. 

T-Shirt : ZARA – Denim Skirt : PULL & BEAR – Sneakers : ADIDAS – Bag : Unbranded Thailand Local Brand – Sunglasses : DIOR

The playsuit that I’m wearing above is from ZARA and playsuit is a fun outfit indeed, but sometimes when I go to the toilet, it’s hard to put on and off. The ones that have zippers are tolerable though. 

Flowy chiffon outfit is also one of my choices for travelling. It’s comfortable and airy. The one above is from Pull & Bear.

So that’s my stake on travelling outfits, in this post probably for Asian Summer weather, all photos of one of my Bangkok trips. And this extra photo is the one I took from Chatucak Local Weekend Market, meet this guy on one of the most fun super casual street dining while you’re there ! Enjoy some paella and cool drinks while listening to great music. Happy travels ! 

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