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The Source of Lost Respect

My Parents started up their own decorative lamps, lightings, artworks and interior design company from scratch. The set of pendant lights above are designed by Mom, produced by Dad, one of the fine works for Movenpick Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia.

My daily workout involves in home training nowadays, consisting of two kinds of sports : twice a week of boxing, twice a week of yoga. I love doing in home trainings just because : I don’t really have to go out and drive to the gym or anything, park or deal with unexpected traffic. In conclusion, to save time. I love doing things efficiently, to do a lot in a day always satisfies me. It fills my void of being an active girl.

I used to have this boxing coach who was actually a really good coach. He knew what he’s doing, teaching the techniques really well and mixing things up with cardio plus everything else so everybody who trains with him will never get bored with every session he’s doing, he was actually friendly and fun to be around with. His methods work well and it keeps my body stable and I’m not easily gaining weight as long as I keep my training going. So theoretically, he’s a perfectly good coach. Boy, almost.

It started out as he was always late for my sessions. It was okay at first, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes and then it went more and more up until he could be late for an hour. Then, when he was late, he didn’t jump right into the training session to make up for lost time. He smoked first, hung around for a bit first, talk first or even checking his phone first. It was up until every time he did that and I tolerated him just because he was a good coach, I always felt like my spirit and my motivation fly out of the window just because I waited too long and it pissed me off even before my training starts. He used to say, “You’re chill today, right?” and I was like “Dude, how come I can be chill ? Today is Thursday, I have to work after this or doing something, I can’t be here, sitting around waiting for you. You’re wasting so much of my time, I really am pissed.” 

It taught me that no matter how good you are in what you do professionally or work wise, it doesn’t determine that you’ll succeed in life. Lack of respect from the smallest things, like treating time or other people’s time well, will eventually wash away how good you are at doing your job. 

For me, I’ll choose a less good coach who at least master the theory and training but actually respect his or her client’s time by showing up on time or say sorry for being late and make up for it by training as soon as he or she arrives and try to show up on time the next time. Attitude determines what people think about you. Your manners define who you are. It’s not only about how good you are, it’s also about how you respect people you work for or people who happen to be around you. 

My Mom shows me a great work ethic since I was a kid. Sometimes, I think it’s unfair how I have to respect others while others don’t respect me in return, in this case : time-wise. It gets her far work wise, all those times waiting one, two, three hours for 30 minutes meetings. And I guess that’s life, people. But never be one of them. Because you are you, not them. You should respect people’s time. Always.

Speaking of which and aside from the heavy blog post material, let’s put ourselves into a yummy, hearty and healthy dinner. What would you have tomorrow for dinner ? Make yourself a good dinner reservation somewhere with friends and please, don’t be late ! LOL. 

Toodles. S. 

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