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Booties Are Made For Walkin ! AKA Struttin !

Girls are always proud to wear high heels. They’re their sacred footwear. Teenage girls blossoming and growing up are always try to learn how to work the footwear that always described as sexy. Well, when you put on some high heels, you get your bottom part of your body pumped and your butt will look rounder and tighter, same goes with your thighs ( true story – in my opinion ). They’re what I call as a feel-good-footwear. God forbid though, I can’t work them. I never once able to wear high heels easily and work them quite correctly. I would be lucky to survive more than one hour. It’s not that I hate them, if I could I would wear them. I just can’t.

So, my feel-good be-sexy kind of footwear that I love so much goes to : BOOTS. I can still work chunky boots. Either it’s summer or winter, my boots will go out there and do their thing. LOL.

Here are some of the looks with my booties collection. I strut so well in them, I could cry haha.

So, meet me in my booties, they’re made with love for walking aka struttin! HA! 

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