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Under Your Umbrella

It’s one fine summer day in July and the sun shines bright above the sky, transferring its heat to all of the people who hang out at the beach. Some are just swimming around, running on the hot sand and try to get tanned while at it, some are laying down with their faces facing away from the bright ray, some are just surfing. When the sun is getting merciless and sting our skin way too much, we tend to find ourselves some temporary sanctuary, to ease the uncomfortable feeling for a while and get ourselves back to hang out under the sky with no shade at all. 

That’s how you find life will be too. Sometimes, we’re just being brave and get ourselves out there, when suddenly life gets a bit too much and you just need to find yourself in your safe zone, getting protected, under the shadow. Until you feel okay again, you get back up and you walk again. Same goes over and over again.

Family is where I find my umbrella to be. When life takes me anywhere, then I was just somewhere minute before, got myself hurt, I’ll always find my way back to my family to ease the pain. Even when they annoy me sometimes and hurt me a little the other time, they’re that one umbrella that will stay strong and give me a space to take off the heat and let the coolness ease my stinging skin. You can never put yourself forever under the shade, but it will always be there when you need one. 

They say blood is thicker than water and I think it’s true. Have you guys watch the EMPIRE TV Series on FoxLife? Well, the music is amazing and the actors and actresses are hot, but the conclusion of it all is that even when they always seem like going to kill each other, they defend each other at the end and always make up. Because they’re each other’s umbrella and they’re family. 

It doesn’t have to be somebody that relates by blood that could be your umbrella. You can find it in your God, friends, partners or anyone. Just make sure when you find that one umbrella that will stand tall throughout the heat, you’ll be that one umbrella too. 

Peace and loves, S. 

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