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They all say new is always better. The new version of iPhone, the new kind of make up, the new kind of food and so on. But I think, some of the old things that got left behind and slowly forgotten are good and memorable as well. I remembered the day I was so excited about playing Tetris and Mario Bros on Nintendo or Harvest Moon on Play Station 2. I remembered buying so many CDs, to listen to on my DiscMan. I remembered so well when I opened up some old vintage books and discovered the true, original hippie and boho fashion. I love listening to The Beatles singing Til There Was You and some other music with old sounds and creative lyrics. Real collage that you can touch and doesn’t even fit the book rather than the digital ones on Pinterest. There are a lot of great, old things that got left behind. There was this guy on TV who interviewed bunch of kids between the age of 5-10 years old and they got confused seeing a cassette with the tape coming out of it containing the music and a film from a Kodak. 

I miss the old days and wish I can swing back in time and see Hippies, Bohos and seeing Kurt Cobain play for instance. #SIGH. It’s just a thought. But, I’ll never drive manual cars ! Haha. 

There are several things, a bunch in fact, about stuff that got left behind that are fascinating. We should cherish more about the old days. The technologies strive so fast, we forgot that once it was not all digital and instant. And it was a much creative, memorable days. And you don’t have to worry about your lash lift and eyebrows, no? LOL. 

Love, S. 

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