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A Somebody Walks Into a Bar

A decent guy walks into the church for the Sunday morning service. Dressing well and in a good manner, he sits amongst all the people who attend the ceremony. Half way into service, when the priest is preaching, his phone rings and all eyes and heads from the sea full of people turn to look at him. Embarrassed, he turns his phone into a silent mode. Some people give him dirty looks, while others shaking their heads in annoyance full of detest. When he walks out from the church, the priest gives him a hard time just because of that one simple mistake he has made. His girlfriend keeps going on about it until he’s fed up and they got into a great fight. That’s the last time he ever steps into the church. Ever.

After the rough morning, he walks alone into a bar that same afternoon to ease the embarrassment and hurt he feels in his chest. He walks heavily into the dimly lit bar and really surprised with the friendly smiles and warm welcome he’s getting from everybody. He sits in the bar and the bartender walks towards him to get his drink. She asks him whether he’s okay and looks genuinely concern. He tells her the whole story and she says “Oh, no, you poor thing. The next round is one me.” He stays longer in that bar and in the future, he’s one of the bar’s loyal customer and always there in the afternoon.

Guess what. He breaks up with his church girlfriend and starts dating the bartender girl.

What we can see from the fictional short story above is that just because people are going to church every Sunday morning, it doesn’t mean that they’re always right, always doing good things or they’re a hundred percent good people. When people are being judgemental towards somebody just because of a little mistake a person has done accidentally, unfortunately they can make one good soul getting lost. It’s not about what we believe in, what our religions are that categorised us as good people doing major good things. It’s our attitudes and manners.

A simple mistake and the action that was taken towards that mistake determines what the future can bring into one soul. If the scenario happens and let say, the people at the church wouldn’t be so judgemental or so mean, he will probably go back to the church over and over again. He’ll choose to go to the church better than the bar he’s so into. 

When I write this, I have nothing against churches or bars. I go to church, I drink at the bar. But it’s just a thought that people who are so much church-minded sometimes forget that they do too have mistakes to be made and they are too somehow hurting people without they’re realising them and still they think they’re above everyone else and better than most people just because : they’re church people.

If you believe in God so much, would you believe too that He loves everybody equally and because of that equality : it’s never right to judge people or treat people badly. Churches and religions don’t make you as the good ones staying on the bright and ride side of the world. It’s your attitude that determines what kind of person are you.

A friend of mine got divorced recently. She’s a beautiful, energetic girl who happens to decide that she doesn’t want to be in an abusive relationship anymore. So she walks out the door and settled into being a strong single mother with two beautiful sons. The church she’s been going judge her as the bad girl who can’t be committed to her husband. She’s straight away put in a category where she’s doomed for life and doesn’t deserve somebody better in the future. Just because she’s getting out of something that’s should be a life commitment because she choose herself first and wants a better life makes her a bad person. I feel sorry for those people, not her. When people see themselves committed to what’s common and somebody else breaks the rule, even when that person is an amazingly good person, still : judgements are thrown at her, rude comments and all of the things that she doesn’t really deserve. Sure, she makes one mistakes. Does that mean that those people are not making mistakes in other area of life ? 

So, there is always two sides of stories. It’s never right to judge one’s decision based on what we see. We don’t know anything and we’re not perfect. We can shrug off little mistakes because we make mistakes too. For all I know, POD sings rock music but prayed in the ruins of the WTC when the tragedy happened. 

Speaking something so deep, here’s my kind of Sunday outfit in the morning above. And Sundays mostly spent with family and close friends when I’m in Boxtown.

As the day goes into afternoon, if I ever go out, I’ll slip myself into something more comfortable and movable.

And back from my recent trip to Thailand, I shopped from the local brand stores and got myself some linen goodies. You have to shop really careful in Thailand if you’re going to the markets or cheaper products places. Should you try the outfit first before you purchase anything as the cutting sometimes are not really fitting your body and sometimes there are defects that don’t really show to bare eyes. Example : right sleeve is tighter than left one. Yup. So if it fits your budget, it’s better you pay a bit extra for a better quality product. Local markets in Thailand have a lot of good stuff, but be really careful, bargain and magnify everything.

That’s for today. Happy Tuesday and God bless xx. 

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