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The Power of Weaknesses

The world always see your talents and your advantages at something in any area of life are your superpower. When you can sing, it differs you from anybody else and it makes the world see you more than the ones with mediocre tones, it makes you special. When you have money and you can buy anything, it gives you more advantages. People in this world tend to see the excellence that we have as our superpowers. They hide their insecurities and lack on something, cover them up, and present themselves with what they do best. I beg the differ. 

I think superpower lays within the people who have the guts to admit what they’re lacking of and do something about it. It’s about facing the problems we tend to avoid or bury deep. It’s about admitting that you suck at something, but you try over and over again even when you fail over and over again. Some people deal with their demons and conquer them, some don’t not because they’re not trying hard enough, they just can’t. At least it’s the trying progress and the bravery of facing things they’re scared of that matter most. It’s like you suck at something, you admit it rather than avoid it and you decide : are you going to do something about it or what. That’s superpower for me. 

You’re rich ? We get it. You’re pretty ? We see it. You’re doing really well with your family ? We know. It’s amazing. But when you actually failing from doing well, it’s not an embarrassment. It’s about getting up when you fall down and what are you going to do to make things right. 

That’s your superpower.


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