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Play By Your Own Rules

Living in such a small city is almost like living in a box. There is only one in and one out. People get to know each other and you grow up then grow old with the same old same old. My friends marrying each other and when it comes to fashion, it’s like a magical rule of what’s a yay and what’s a nay. Mainstream enough, people go to weddings in extravagant dresses and too much detailing of beads and sequins. Most importantly, high heels are just one thing for sure : they’re a must footwear for weddings and stuff. Geez.

So, yes, it’s a painful thing to see just one thing to be followed over and over again. When people do a zig, I do a zag. Which is why one night, I went to my best friend’s wedding in a Miss Selfridge embellished dusty pink playsuit. Also, in a pair of – oh yeah – boots. People stare like it’s not common and it’s a broken regulation. But why the hell should I care ? They didn’t pay for my hair, make up and my outfit. Instead, I flaunt myself and just be MYSELF.

Sometimes, people are not bold enough to wear what they want when you’re living somewhere small. Because the others are wearing one thing, you have the tendencies to follow what the majority is wearing, it gives you a pressure to be like everyone else. But why would you be just a regular person, when you can be yourself and be awesome ? 

If you want to experience something, to get yourself out there, wear something that doesn’t play by the rules, as long as it’s not breaking any law, why not ? Life is just only once and it’s pretty darn short. Wear it, rule it and enter the room like a royalty. People are not feeding you and whatever they say, take the positive feedbacks and select the negative ones : if it’s constructive thing about it, if it’s not worth it, let it go to waste.

For all I know, fashion can be anything for anyone. Be whatever you want to be and wear whatever you please. If you think about people all the time, when will you be adventurous and just be yourself ? People are afraid of changes or something different. And that’s okay. Probably you’re not one of the ordinary people. LOLs. Happy Sunday and spread love. S.

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