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Love is Love

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A mediocre guy walks into a coffee shop, walking with him is a beautiful blonde with long legs and amazing smile. The guy is wearing a regular ill fitting shirt, surfing shorts and a pair of worn out flip flops while the girl is totally hot with cropped tee, washed denim shorts and a brand new Vans shoes in pink. She smiles and glows while the guy making jokes. They look like an odd couple. People are aghast because how come someone as hot as her is with someone as mediocre as him. They think, if they were her, the guy would barely make the cut to be with her.
A super nice and super kind girl, a kind of goody two shoes one, is friend with a super bitchy girl who wears mini skirts shorter than the ones that you will recall as slutty. She clubs all the time, bitch all the time, but the nice one keeps on being by her side as a great best friend. No matter how people telling her stupid to be friends with such a bitch, she’s still there. Holding her friend’s hair while she’s throwing up in the bathroom, picking her up at 3am so her friend will be okay, helping around with her study and makes sure at the end of the day she’ll be okay. People call her stupid. But she’s still the same, nice girl.
A super hot mega star guy from high school is dating a nerd who wears glasses. She barely wears make up, she’s not fit and she doesn’t have a bikini body, she doesn’t dance and she doesn’t drink. She studies all the time at the library. The cheerleaders are confused. The pretty ones always think they will date this kind of guy, but he barely makes an eye contact with them. All eyes on the nerdy girlfriend, who’s not even cute and needs to lose ten pounds. People think, he’s crazy or mentally ill.
As the third person who doesn’t know what happens, who always see the package of a product before purchasing them, we know nothing up until we know what’s within. We buy a banana milk that has a super cute package rather than the mediocre one who actually taste delicious. We love people at first sight and lose interest the next. We don’t know what’s going on, so without counting into the second or third or fourth second, our brain is dropping its judgement.
Probably the blond girl from the first paragraph that I wrote has been hurt a lot by cute looking guys who treated her so bad, they damaged a big part of her. The mediocre guy probably treat her right, making her breakfast in the morning, telling her how gorgeous she is, worship her, try to make her happy by buying her roses and candies while the other guys who the world would judge a great fit for her, wouldn’t do such things.
Yes, a nasty girl could be nasty, but probably she’s that one friend who would stick up for you whenever somebody is trying to hurt you. No matter what, she’s there when you’re dealing with cancer or whatever. She might be nasty to people, club a lot, get drunk, but she’ll be sober whenever she needs to stand up and protect her best friend. She’ll fly a thousand miles and drive hours just to see you, because you get your heart broken by an asshole.
Probably the jock from high school is tired from dating the cheerleaders who don’t understand his parents’ divorce, his Dad’s drinking problem, and his Mom’s struggle to get him into great school. He can be who he really is, with the nerdy girl who supports him and loves him for who he is. She’s a girl that always cheers him up, more than the cheerleaders when he plays his football or baseball game.
So there we go people. The world is filled with things we don’t understand, when we see them with our bare eyes, we drop judgements based on what we see, without digging deeper within. For all I know, love is love and there are so many reasons to love someone. Whether it’s your family, friends or partner in life. You might think it’s gullible or naive when you see people loving others who you think are not even worth everything. But instead, they worth the world.
Love has so many perspectives, it depends on oneself. Love is love. Whether you like it or not, agree or not, believe or not.
Anyway, the weather has been totally unexpected in box town in these past few days. Here’s some fashion forward for fun, after those deep words up there. LOL.
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Anyway, don’t forget to always work out and get active, and always eat healthy. Peace and loves !
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And ah, I met up with two of my best friends. Funny story, people always see me as the guy’s above girlfriend, when instead, we’re just two people being best friends for years now. Haha. See ? People can be judgemental even from the tiniest littlest thing.
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