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Rude x Humble : Which One is Effortless ?

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Being rude is easy. It takes no effort or whatsoever. When you see people being rude to you, or do something wrong to you, the easiest way to seek vengeance and take revenge is to just do the same of what others did to you. It’s fulfilling, it’s pride boosting and it’s a temporary winning sensation tingling to your every core.
It’s never easy to be humble. It takes what I recall as HUGE BALLS. It’s a struggle and a total hard work. When people being mean to you and you have to be the one who turns the other cheek and still be nice, it’s like taking a bullet. When people are not queuing and you’ve been the one following that simple rule, people zooming in front of you with no manners and no guilty feelings and you’re still being nice telling them to queue and either they listen or not, it takes a lot of gritted teeth smiles. When people lie to you and you find out, being the one who forgive and let go and still trying to trust those people, man, I tell you it’s hard. Man, it makes you lose your mind.
But either way, just do it. Just be humble. Be the one who do good no matter what. It’s a process of learning to be a better self, which is a patient kind of yourself. Patience will take you far in life. It’s a source of self-endurance and it’s empowering yourself when you’re trying to reach your goal that seems so far away. It makes you not giving up, but strive and run for the stars.
Some people always say that bad things happen to good people. But bad things happen for some reasons, and it’s never over when you don’t see the silver linings in everything. It will be okay at the end of the day. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. Keep being positive, it takes you away from seeing a psychiatrist, and spending money that you could have save up, for travelling an see the beauty of this world.
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Keep your head up, when people are rude, don’t be like them. Never be one of them. Be yourself : humble and kind and sunshine. A very wise woman once said to me : Have faith in patience, kindness and always be humble. Look up to the stars but keep your feet to the ground, for one day, you’ll come back to the ground but fly to Heaven. Never be one of them, be one of you. There will always only one you. Make the best out of life. The good ones, the good kinds.

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