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Being a girl with a lot of reputations, good and bad, people in Box Town know for sure that I’m in love with fashion like I’m in love with my self. Well, self love is important, no ? LOL. Anyway, they know I did a bunch of daily post on instagram and Path of OOTDs which means Outfit-of-The-Day’s, back in my days here as a fashion student. I took a break for quite some time but that didn’t stop my friend who worked for Elle Magazine to contact me and put me in the magazine. Grateful beyond words, my friends helped me do the make up and styling according to the theme they gave me : The Prepster. Preppy has always been one of the many styles I like, and I don’t mind being preppy, I think it’s cute almost like Gossip Girl kind of thing or Rachel aka Lea Michelle from Glee look-a-like. Having two days to finished the photo and editing, I gave three looks and apparently this one made the cut. So happy, so grateful and so excited. Unfortunately, no matter how far I’m looking and searching, I couldn’t seem to find a copy of the magazine as it was printed when I was away in Milan and my friends, being lazy asses that they are ( but I love you guys, no matter what ) didn’t get me any. Somehow, one of the stylist I worked with got it in Jakarta and there : ME ! One big page of Elle Indonesia. How amazing is that ? #PROUD ! LOL.
PS. There are not favourite looks. I love the three of them.
Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 preset
I got most of my stuff to create the looks from Topshop and Miss Selfridge. Outer wears though, are unbranded. Featured bags from Phillip Lim and Bottega Veneta. For those who ask why those designer brand bags are so much more expensive, it’s because of the quality guys. I got this Balenciaga bag that I love so much, I literally use it everywhere anywhere. I put it on the floor and stuff but the leather just got better and better. I surely clean it once in a while, but still, good condition and it’s worth it. For me, it’s better for you to buy one good one rather than bunch cheaper ones but you have to change every period of a time. I think it’s more long lasting that way. BUT, only if it fits your budget ! If not, makes what’s affordable to you work and always keep your fashion item like it’s a prize. Keep it in a good condition. Fashion always recycles and repetitive, you might end up using your old stuff, but it’s like a new fashion trend again. Well after so long, and wearing it again, the feeling would be memorable but brand new. Get me ? Love y’all !

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