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Baby Never Lie

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Growing up and seeing ourselves evolve through time to time, our years in life increasing, our age keeps on going, making us stand in one stage of life : being an adult. In my 30s, I’ve been through a lot and and I’ve been seeing a lot. One thing for sure, I see honesty as a treasure, precious possession of one self.
People think that it’s okay doing lies to the kids, for toddlers are small and innocent human beings, barely humans. Just babies. Because they’re so naive, they forgive easily and love you anyway for who you are as long as you give them toys and lollies, you lie to them. No, it’s not. Hold your thoughts and definitely hold your tongues.
It’s not okay to tell your own kids, your nephews, or kids from everywhere false truths and false news. Don’t tell them there are monsters under their beds ready to eat them if they don’t sleep right away. Don’t tell them that somebody will snatch them in the dark. Don’t scare them and make up things that scares them just because it’s more convenient to you. One, indirectly you’re making them feel small and you discourage them to be bold and brave. Most importantly, you’re teaching them how to lie and in the future, if it’s your own kids, the plan will backfire and it will burn yourself. It’s never good to lie. Just don’t.
It’s just a simple thought I’ve been having lately. But it’s important and I’m doing my part : telling what I think is good for people, in my own words, from my own mind.
Speaking of which, what’s for lunch ?
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Too good not to share, 200gr great cut of juicy steak, served hot on a hot stone with two kinds of sauce, rock salt and extra fat to spread on top of the stone preventing it from being sticky and burnt. With green veggies and some tomato and baby tomatoes on the sides with tangy dressing, may I present to you : HAKATA STEAK. It’s rare to find good steak in box town, so I’m sort of ecstatic with this one and of course, will come back for more. I think this would taste heavenly with some red wine, pinot noir for me. What’s for you ?
Loves, S. Till next post ! XX.

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