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Let All The World See You Happy

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Living in this millennial age in life with a lot of things going on and social media building up our lives and images, I tend to see people who pour out their feelings when things go bad. Either it’s brutal rants or just simply sad notes. Giving angry reviews is different with pouring out your personal feelings for all the world to see, let alone if you’re a public figure or you’re so popular, people actually look up to you.
Mom said to me, ” Baby, you know, when you tend to see the world and its positivities, it’s not all that beautiful and simple as you see it. People in this world and around our lives might suck up to us and they tend to be emphatic to us, but you know, not all people are that sincere. People will get jealous at you or hate you for no reasons, but that’s their problems. Focus on yourself and do what’s right, always make others happy, that’s the way to staying on the right side of the game of life. And never ever ever, even when you love social media so much, let the world to see when you’re feeling miserable and unhappy. Some people might step on you, and you lose. Same goes like this, when you walk out from the house even just for getting some milk right down the street, always look good. Looking good and being happy is the best revenge, and that’s what you show to the world. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and always never gives up. “
And that people, how you should face the day, each and everyday. Let the social media show all the goods even though it’s deceiving. It’s better than showing your weakness and let your enemies happy. LOL.
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Talked about this over dinner. I always love deep talks over some good meals. Toodles ! Off for a few days and I’ll be back.

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