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Girls Talk

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Each human being lives with secrets. It could be about anything. Something mortifying and embarrassing or something that really personal. Some secrets you share, some secrets you just keep to yourself. But sometimes, it’s nice to have somebody that you can trust, somebody that you can really talk to, when you just want to blurt them out – or in my term : rip the band-aid off ! LOL.
I learned my lessons in the past that some friends might be the closest ones on one part of life and when you finally part ways when things turn sour, they might use what you told them as weapons to bring you down and beat you up socially. Shit happens and some people just couldn’t keep what once was trusted to them and let whatever that wasn’t expected to happen, happens anyway, and keep those secrets still. Most of the people you’ll meet in life, will blurt things out. You better watch out.
Luckily enough, I have a Mom that I know would love me no matter what, somebody that I can really trust to even when we get angry and pissed of to each other. She’ll still be my 2AM call when I cry, somebody that I trust with my deepest darkest secrets, and I know no matter how much I make her frustrated, she’ll keep my little secrets. Being accepted, not being judged, being loved like crazy whatever happened or whatever will be in the future, is the best feeling in the world.
She’s someone that I look up to so much. So this also makes me learn in some way that someday, if I ever have children on my own, I should be the one that they can talk to and they can trust. Somebody that will always be there no matter what. Somebody that wouldn’t be judgemental and can tell you what’s wrong and what’s right with gentleness, not screaming bloody murder and scaring them away. She makes it clear to me : being a mother is firm for sure, but make sure to be friends with your kids too, that way you will always know what your kids are up to, and you can always watch them and keep them save, no matter where they are.
She told me once, ” Sometimes, I feel like giving up on you when you’re throwing your tantrums and just being a rebellious teenager. But, I always see you as that girl who’s just learned how to walk. I need to keep this girl safe. I need to watch over you and guard you, with all of my power. Because you know what ? You’ll always be my little girl. Nothing and nobody can change that. “
We never been the kind or mother daughter who say a lot of affectionate words towards each other. But our actions show more.
She’ll leave any urgent matters to talk to me when I broke up with a guy and felt shitty broken hearted, she’ll spend some quality time shopping with me even when she needs to be elsewhere, she’ll put off the phone to listen to me. She’ll make time. That’s what she is. And that’s everyone, a real life lesson that I’ll proudly take with me my whole life.
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Dusty pink scalloped tank with washed jogger by H&M, Ciara Ferragni slip ons, Vintage Versace backpack.
This was our trip to Bangkok, Thailand closing 2016. We talked about everything over brunch and by the way, one of the best coffee I’ve ever taste in the city !
Til next time, toodles xoxo.

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