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Brunch or Dinner Person

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People fancy brunch and dinner these days. From the frothy coffee drinks for your instagram post feeds or the perfect oey-goey kind of poached egg getting boomeranged mode on your instagram stories, everything we eat goes to our social media accounts, with or without hashtags. Food comes to our table, there goes our phones. Mom always says, if you want to know what happens to my daughter’s life, check on her instagrams. Haha. I stopped and prevented people from being nosy and put my social media on private. I got 1000 follow requests which I don’t even check every day, so anyone knows me and wants to add me ? DM me first, I’m so sorry.
Anyway, my friends know that I love to hang out some place nice with good coffee and good meals. They asked me, ” What kind of person are you ? Brunch or dinner ? “. Even when I told them ” I’m a sunset person, so give me my fresh super chilled coconut and I sip around with a swirly straw and munch on salty and spicy edamame !” – They won’t give me a rest.   I still have to pick. Haha. So important like life and death situation, right ? Drama.
Then I told them, I enjoy brunch on holiday by myself, it gives me time to think and daydream, I can scroll down my phone to check on some websites that I’ve been meaning to visit and looking for creativity inspirations, I love to read interesting novels. Then I always head out to rest and chill somewhere. If it’s somewhere near the beach, I’ll catch some sunset for sure of if the sun is really up, I’ll rush brunch and just get myself tanned. But, I love dinner and drinks someplace nice with friends. You can always use a friend at dinner. I love dressing up to look nice ( in which term, of course, I won’t wear a ballgown – God forbid – box town people usually exaggerate things that they wear LOL ), like if I’m in Bali I’ll trow a sundress and sneakers, gold accessories and put on a nice make up and just like that – a nice dinner somewhere. Or in Jakarta, I’ll throw on some stylish simple minidress and boots and head out to places with great food, good drinks and live music. So I can’t really choose. BUT! If I have to, definitely dinner.
Travelling wise, this one’s in Thailand, I love the local food. So, my friend recommended this nameless place that always packed in Bangkok’s Chinatown. Fresh food and no dress up, here they come :
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Best dessert for me would be ice cream ! I just happened to bump into my guys Ben & Jerry’s that night, so I’ll grab two scoops. Never amazed my ice cream eating skill, I’ll down one pint by myself. Seems like my body is immune to ice cream fats, they never make me gained weight like other desserts. Or, this is just an excuse. Haha.
If you guys, get hungry, well. If it’s morning time some where, go grab your breakie or brunchie. If it’s dinnertime somewhere, call someone you would want to spend some time with, but it’s midweek – don’t get drunk !
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Recommended food hunting city : Bangkok, Thailand, for sure. It’s not expensive, and the food is fresh af. Toodles.

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