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You can always have the pretty face, the most expensive hand bags and the most fashionable slash stylish outfit. You can walk into a room and make people gawk at you and fall in love head over heels for you based on your appearance or based on what they see on the first sight. But you know, time goes by and at the end of the day, you’ll get older and wrinkled, and eventually your appearance is going to change. You might not going to be as young as you used to be, or as sexy as you once were.
Beauty is not always about appearance. It’s about how you present yourself. In life so far for the past 30 years, I met a bunch of cute guys that after I spend my 30 minutes talking to them, I’ll get bored. Or, they’re as handsome as Austin Butler and as cute as Ben Hardy, BUT when I ask them an A question, their answer is nowhere near what I was asking. They go to Z and sink with that. Some are just being judgemental. Just now, before I wrote this post, a guy asked me. How many serious boyfriend have you had. I said a few. I dated this Australian guy for several months, it didn’t work out but we’re still really close and better off as friends. He said, is that the old guy, the one that looked like your uncle that you updated on your instagram story ? Hell, no. It was just a friend. I said to him, never make any judgements about me based on social media, it’s deceiving. For all I know, I could follow someone and she looked smoking hot, when in real life she’s scruffy and unattractive. What is so wrong to be friends with everybody, from all the different ages and backgrounds. And he simply said, meeting people and making friends with everybody drains him. So he’s happy to be around who he choose to be. And that’s goodbye from me and see you never.
You don’t have to be friendly and kind all the time, or small all the time. People always have their ups and downs. Life is always like a rollercoaster ride, but always make it exciting, shall we ?
Some people can be less smarter than others, but the employers might keep the less smarter ones because they’re diligent and listen more, or always show up at work on time and show efforts, while the more talented ones are lazy and taking things for granted. A guy can be attracted to a less attractive girl because she has a charming wits and strong characteristics or a smart girl better than the beautiful, mean one. People can make mistake and be better so others can accept them rather than the right ones who always being judgemental.
Characters always speak louder than appearance, so indeed, actions speak louder than words. A great attitude takes you far and it’s a somehow rich and strong characteristic in someone. Your attitude determined who you are, rather than whatever you’re selling to others by words about yourself. Show them, not tell them. Prove them, not force them to believe you just by whatever is coming out from your mouth.
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Also in the business world. Some restaurants are just one hit wonders than others. Other places can be as hype as they could be and customers could keep coming back for more because of the positive attitudes from all the waiters and waitresses who work there. People enjoy their good food and the ambience. Some people could go back and forth to less prettier cafes because people there are nice, rather than the high end ones where snobby server awaits.
If you’re up high and rich already, don’t be tacky and cocky and act like you can conquer the world. Humility will make people respect you more, rather than boasting around about your power. When you’re smart, don’t be stingy with your experiences and knowledge. You’ll always learn, never be afraid to teach people and scared that people would be smarter than you. When you’re everywhere, don’t forget to say thank you. There is nothing more impressive than the good attitude.
You can smile more, be sympathetic more and feel more about people who give you better attitudes. So wherever you are, whoever you are. Act better and treat people better. There is more that just a pretty face : It’s your attitude, follows by your heart.
Good night, loves. XXX.

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