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Stuff My Mother Taught Me

Besides telling me to look at the salespersons or shop owners first when I walk into local brand fashion stores before you walk in and actually buy stuff from the place ( if they dress up the way you would want to dress or they look good, be their guest and spend your money – if they look scruffy or far away from your style, skip it ) every time that I travel abroad, she also taught me some real principles things since I was a kid.
Being raised as the only child for nine years before my little brother finally arrived, I’ve been taught to think fast, move fast, being extremely polite to people and being a leader. She also planted that being a good human being involved a big chunk of generosity in a person’s heart. And believe me, it’s harder than you think.
Some people give donations to be recognised, some people help others and expecting to be helped in return, some people being nice to be liked. And all of those sums up pressures toward yourself alone.
Mom says all the time that when you help people, you shouldn’t expect to be the notice and to be the star. The people you helped might forget eventually or decline when you need help in return. When people want to borrow some money, you can decline if your heart just not into it. You can also accept and just give them the amount that you would actually being okay when they don’t pay you back. If you want to help anybody materialism wise, make sure that it’s an urgent matter. Unlike such as you’re buying drinks so that your friends can have fun too and get themselves shit faced – THAT wouldn’t be cool, that’s teaching your friend to be a waste.
Generosity is something that somehow anonymous. It’s something that can get you well known for, but you are truly generous when it’s being unknown indeed. For the people that you helped, they could actually learn a lot from you, or getting themselves lazy in life and expecting help from others all the time as if they’re victims all the time and drown themselves in their self pities. The result however, either way is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is just to be generous. That really is the gold and the gift for yourself.
Being a good person takes a lot of effort to learn. But once you get on with it, it will come out naturally and without even thinking, you’re doing a lot of good deeds. If you do good, you’ll feel good. It’s as simple as that.
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My Mom is a superwoman. She’s teaching me a lot of things. I took them for granted. Lucky enough, at 30, I learned to appreciate and notice the little things. Little by little, fraction by fraction, it results bigger things and a bigger picture.
Happy Thursday from a rainy afternoon in BOXTOWN. Whoopwhoop !


OUTFIT DETAILS : White formal v neck blouse with twisting front detail paired with pleated flared pants in dark military green from Topshop Indonesia and a Valentino bag. I’m wearing suede super light low block heels shoes also from Topshop Indonesia. — And all of them are way too small now, except the bag and the shoes. Who am I kidding, this is an old photo. How I wish to be that small again one more time. LOL.

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