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LOL-ing My Way Through Life

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Think about your group of friends you hang out with. With different looks, wits and characters, you guys are finding something in common to talk or laugh about. You’ve got connections. That’s the thing with friendship and people you hang out with. You got the CLICK. That’s why you being friends with each other the first place. You can compromise things. Things also could go bad easily and in a blink you stop talking to each other and never hangs out anymore. Well, shit happens. It sucks, it happens to me. As I grow older and older the group of people that I hang around with keep getting smaller and smaller. It’s like naturally, the circle does its own natural selections. But every time things like this bugs me, I would think about one little silly moment or remark that made me laughing so hard at the time. It could be anything, even something that you didn’t think about before. And that’s my friends, are my recipe in life not to get bitter but BETTER. Toodles !
OUTFIT DETAILS : Metallic threads shirt dress with side slits, a Valentino bag and slip on chunky boots with my black socks peeking. I freaking hate heels. They give me blisters. LOL.
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
These two gave me a lot of memories to smile about when I think of them. It’s just a short random posts. I’m going to text them both like NOW. Toodles !

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