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Little Preach For Topshop

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I’m a Topshop girl. Always have, always will be. I love the style and the cut always fits me. I’m like a chameleon when you’re talking about my personal style. I’m greedy just like that. I try out everything and experimenting with what works for me. My body type is changing through times too, that’s challenging but also fun to be able to style myself up with whatever looks good on me. Excuses to look different in every season of my life ! LOL !
So some clothes that I’m saving gone bad and wrecked themselves as time goes by but some of them are actually holding up and still the same. Like this powder blue soft furry sweater that I got from Topshop from their Winter Collection years ago. It was so long ago, I don’t even remember when. But as I remembered with that one particular sweater for one cold windy rainy day in Bandung, I looked for it in my super messy wardrobe and found it. It’s still as fluffy as it used to be, not a wrinkle or damage or anything. It’s almost as good as new. The sweater is almost like cuddling you and hugging you perfectly. It’s also warm but not too warm. So it’s a good material and temperature also. Also it’s the magic kind, which is : I bought it in size 6, but it fits me when I go to size 10. Almost like the Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants jeans. Magically fits every size perfectly. LOL.
I think I love Topshop products because some of them, being washed back and forth, worn endlessly or simply kept, they’re still the same and it’s almost like nothing change. As I said, as good as new. Which is why my wardrobe consists mostly from the brand that I’ve known since I was 14. Thanks Natalie, my long lost half German half Chindo gorgeous cousin, who actually introduced me to the brand for the first time in Malaysia. Haha.
Another thing about Topshop is, when you keep them and the season of fashion recycled, some of them actually came back on trend and you can wear them again. Some are endlessly, effortlessly versatile with everything. Well, I guess I get Topshop like it gets my body and my style. I’ll go older, but you’ll see see inside any Topshop store for sure. Fashion has no age limits. But just be sure to dress accordingly to your body and style. Wear whatever looks good on you and never force a fashion or a style if it doesn’t suit you or pleasing to your eyes. You’ll end up being vulnerable anyway.
That’s just me. XX.

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