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Letters To My Friends

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Dear CL,
When I first saw you doodling your way in your own world that first day of our class together, you were alone, you were backing away from everyone and you were wearing that comfy green hoodie sweater that you loved so much. Some girls say hi to you and I was tempted to say hello too. You were sketching a dress in those fashion figurines we were learning and I fell in love with your strokes. Since then, I knew you’re going to be big. Then we chatted along and we got closer. Then, I learned, you were being bullied since high school by those popular girls. We were instant friends. We shared the Starbucks days together. I wasn’t going to let you get bullied and we got through goods and bags in uni together. You were graduated six months before me and moved to Bali. I always said good morning every day by text and I visited you. You always have the tendencies of being nosy, but that’s just because you cared. As simple as that. When you moved away to the city next to our home town, you met new friends. I spent so much time in Bali, I got new friends too. It was never my intention to back away from your life but some of the friends you’ve made are so fake, I couldn’t stand them. I’m sorry I can’t compromise. I’ll always remember out girls night out, just the two of us, the best sunset we’ve ever shared, and all those secrets ? Those are saved and no one will ever know. I missed our days together. It’s so strange that we didn’t even talk nowadays. I was there when your first kiss happened ! Haha. We promised to hang out but that never happened. But I’ll never stop to get amazed with you nowadays and it’s my personal pride to see you make it as a great designer. I love you xx.
Dear KK,
I’ve met you on a rainy afternoon. You worked there as a waiter and offered me a hot tea as a promotion on rainy days. I said yes and you sat in front of me. I was alone, waited for my then boyfriend to meet me up there. It was my favourite cafe and ever since then, I always talk to you when I’m there. Then, the cafe closed down and we hung out lots everywhere. You were there on my uni days and got into classes with me. The tutors didn’t even mind as I was learning art. Ever since then, you’re just there with me. You got into my family and we were practically like sisters. We got mad at each other, we hated each other, but we always made up. I shared you my frustrations and you were always the one who cheered me up. You were there on my dark days. You supported me and kept being friends with me. It’s lovely to see you made it and make money and instantly got better in life. We didn’t talk again, but know that I felt lucky anyway to have met you in life. Because you know, it’s always meant to be something when we crossed paths. So, I’ll always have you in my heart.
Dear AD,
I’ll always remember your favourite food : PORK. I always tease you, saying that you’re so Chinese. You’re always so sweet with surprises and it always shocked me how sweet you were as a friend. We watched a lot of movies together. We shared our dating stories. I’ve always brought you those pork rice you like and tease you that you might catch high cholesterol problems soon but anyway, I’ll always remember to bring you those food you like. Haha. You got temper, but we always compromise.
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Dear S,
After all that we’ve been through. Ups, downs, laughters, cries, sensitivities, shared secrets and giggles, I’m so glad we’ve gone through our best and worst and still, we’re best friends. Probably you’re my only friend now but that’s okay. I’m always been that weird girl who always know growing up that I won’t hang out to talk shit or sugar coats everything. That’s why growing up in box town I’ve never had a girl gang and I was okay with that in my own world. I’ve always known that I would live somewhere outside this country someday. I’m probably brutally honest and you’re okay with that. Even better, you like me that way. The great thing is we’re a synced travel buddies, so we can travel all around together. You’re my living breathing map. We take each other photos in great angles and we always share the same preferences. People thought we’re couples, we’re together, and that’s so freaking hilarious because we shared the same amusement and adoration on fashion and Freddie Mercury. LOL.
To all my friends, my former friends and my best friend, I love you all. We’ve all crossed paths for something special. And it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the future. I don’t care. If you’re going to hate me someday or forget about me. For me, you guys shared something special with me, some great friendships that I will take with my heart until the day I die. Thank you all, for once being in my life. XX, your forever friend will be here, S.

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