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Convincing is Better Than Forcing

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Happy Sunday, people. Pardon me for posting a blog with irrelevant photos uploaded, okay? Today I’m just going to write something that came across my mind this morning.
Growing up in a big Christian family surrounded by religious ( but not fanatic ) surroundings, I found myself in a habit of going to church every Sunday. It’s kind of like a family must-do thing and since I was a kid, I was told to do so and then the habit continue on as something that feels natural for me. I don’t mind, as I have The Ultimate Almighty God as someone to hold on to growing up and it’s my choice and free will to believe and committed to Jesus. But also, I noticed that some people are being forced to go to the church, which I think the people who took them there against their free wills are missing this point in life : it’s meaningless to go to church if you’re there but your minds wandering some where and you don’t listen or paying any attention to what’s happening around you. Then why do they go to church ? It’s almost the same like sleeping or just doing nothing at home.
Well, my point is, sometimes it really is pointless to force things to others when it’s far away from their free will. Those people will think that you’re being unbelievably annoying and at the end of the day, they might stay away and keeping their distance from you. And that’s not good. What you think is valuable in life is not often what others think is valuable. Everybody has their own preferences and measurements in life.
Rather than forcing things, you can propose a persuasive and convincing arguments and see what others might think about them. You have to keep yourself open minded and have a big heart. Not everything in this world will go according to your likings and you have to learn that some people might not take those same paths in life. For example, if you have a kid and you want that kid to do architecture rather than fine arts, you can give examples, tell the kid what you think and coming up with arguments rather than forcing what you want just because you’re paying the school fees.
You can’t force people things. You just can’t. We have the birth rights of free wills and choices. If you don’t want to be forced to do things against your will, probably you shouldn’t do that to others.
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Just because I’m a girl and girls wear heels, doesn’t mean that I have to wear heels too and I’ve never let the peer pressure goes to my head ( true story ). I wear my boots and flats with pride. That’s my choice in life : to loathe heels, just because they make me feel uncomfortable.
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Just because I love to work out everyday, doesn’t mean I have to force my friends who are out of shape to join me break a sweat every morning. But I can convince them to live a little better and start looking after themselves. Telling them that self love include feeling good in your own skin. No need to be anorexic or diet hard up until you can’t enjoy life, but you can work out and eat a little better. Just because I love Nike doesn’t mean I have to force people around me to wear Nike too. Some people love Adidas better and that’s okay.
So try it. Compromise and stop forcing. Starts convincing. Love, S.

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