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The Meaning Of The Ultimate Mainstream Word : Kindness

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We live in the world where the internet exists and therefore Pinterest happened. We often scroll through the feed and sometimes we’re bumping into quotes such as : Cultivate Kindness, Choose Kindness, Be Kind and so on, which probably all of those quotes stand for one thing which is telling and encouraging us to be one thing : KIND. Well, the world needs kindness, who are we kidding ? But what truly defines the word KIND ? What’s the true meaning of KIND ? We don’t know and each of us must be having different measurements and judgements.
For me, kindness has a lot of meanings.
1. Kindness is when you bump into strangers and smile at them. Exchange the smallest thing that seems like nothing with a big heart, even when some people are too grumpy to smile back.
2. Kindness is when you say thank you to people for everything they’ve done for you, from the smallest to the biggest. Saying thank you and exchanging how are you with the barista from the coffee places, saying thank you to the waiter or waitress who serve your meal, saying thank you to your employee, or to the server of McDonald’s drive thru.
3. Kindness is noticing people around you who change their looks like their hair or their styles and compliment them from your heart. If you think it’s no good, never lie !
4. Kindness is when people talk about you behind your back, you know for sure but still you are friendly to them and never seek revenge by talking behind their back too.
5. Kindness is accepting some people hate you for no reasons, but you take the high road by forgiving them and shred those hatred off your shoulders.
6. Kindness is taking the high road that when you argue and not talking with your parents or friends or lover, you’re the one opening up the conversation or just simply say sorry.
7. Kindness is when you help others and done a lot for them, sacrifice for them, but once they get themselves on top they forget about you, but you’re still grateful that you’ve done such things for them once and let them go, wishing the best for them.
8. Kindness is giving up your seat to others in needs even when you’re feet killing you like crazy.
9. Kindness is when you feel shitty, but you’re still there for your crying girl friend who just broke up.
10. Kindness is good words in any day. Or a smile when you feel like you just don’t want to talk.
People who believe in God believe that kindness is something to spread and whether the world throw back fireworks or grenades for you, God will see your kindness from your heart and deliver good things for you in the end. People who believe in good karmas have faith that someday great things are coming back their ways when they do good. People who don’t believe in nothing do something good and they feel good.
So, kindness is good. Try it. You don’t have to do it all day everyday, but it’s good to think about kindness and do kind things sometimes. Right ?
Irrelevantly speaking, may I say I did a pretty impressive dinner in Jakarta a while back.
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Located in one of Jakarta sky-high buildings, Enmaru Japanese Dining delivered one of the best dinner I’ve had in the metropolitan city. With the modern Japanese ambience which tend to be oriental and festive but not too much and the view of Jakarta night time from high above, you’ll experience a fresh and modern Japanese taste. The selections of mouth watering and beautiful sushi and well presented sashimi and main course are from the best quality there are. I also love the dessert and of course, in matcha flavour.
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So choose kindness indeed – because good things coming your way, no matter how the road to that end is. Cheers xoxo.

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