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I’m A Kid, I’m Proud of It : Always

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I have a personal adoration for birthdays. You can say that it’s a kind of my personal soft spot in my heart. To get those wishes of happiness, prayers, good healths and receiving gifts, just being a princess in a day. As the years go by, we also adding more years to our age and boom : we’re all grown up.
Does it ever cross your mind that as adults we have fears, anxieties, worries and a lot of other feelings we don’t even know of when we were kids ? Things that never really bug us actually annoy us as we grow older.
Imagine this. You’re a grown ass woman, purchased her first ever Gucci bag, it’s so expensive and you treat it with gentle and overpowering care. One day, you walk down the street, you got no umbrella with you and it rains so hard and so bad, it ruins not only your bag but also your perfectly made up hair, make up on your face, your new outfit and of course, you’re famous expensive bag. You are so pissed off beyond believe, you want to scream bloody murder and actually murder someone while you’re at it. LOL Let’s call this scene A.
Then, take yourself back into you : circa when you’re three years old. Your parents put you on the nicest and most expensive dress they bought you, and when you’re out playing in the outdoor playground, surprise : it rains. But as a child, I believe you will also scream, but scream out of the excitement : to get wet and get that dress actually ruined. But you just don’t care. All you care about is Mother Nature actually making some kind of miracle : it rains ! You’re having fun and actually enjoy that splashes of water in your face. Scene B : cut !
One person, two situations, one conditional rain. You’ll see it in a different way, two different point of views.
If you feel like you’re having a hard time going out of bed this morning, you have to face anxieties and a condition that actually scares you today, pretend like you’re a kid for once. Like nothing can stop you, nothing actually scares you, and all you care about is just facing the day with nothing to lose. Just for one day, you have the innocence of a child. For once after all those heavy feelings, just pretend. The positive side of pretending is that as the minutes go by, if you have big enough faith, you will feel like you’re not pretending anymore and you will just enjoy as time goes by.
Kids never care whether their hair look nice or whether they’re wearing the right outfits. They don’t care whether they got their shoes wet. They have this nothing to lose character, the positivity that everything will be okay. That the sun shines on their lives and the rains are okay too. The naive narrative of life.
Tomorrow has its own problem to be taken care of. Give yourself a break and pretend like it’s your birthday today. Be a child again. You might pick up the positivity and leave behind what you can’t change. Probably you’ll get the serenity to face the things that you can’t change, but create yourself the courage to change the things that you can actually change, and the wisdom to see the difference.
Stay childlike, but not childish ! Cheers babies, I love you all. Happy Sunday – Bali time ! xx.
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PS. People say that I’m crazy because I can have multiple birthdays in a year – but I’m just a kid. And I tend to make my life NOT as a nightmare. LOL. Indulge on LIFE – innocently like a child. Til next time :)))))

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