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Decisions, decisions. Life consists of making millions of decisions. It always starts when we open our eyes in the morning. We’ll be making one decision whether we’re going to go back to sleep, jump out of bed, sit up straight and pray, or going straight to the bathroom. What seems like a habitual things that we do each second daily is a matter of fact : a decision.
Deciding things lead us to various kinds of results. Whether it’s the results that we’re hoping for or the ones we’re trying to avoid, it’s like a gambling game in life. From the smallest thing to the biggest thing in life, everything is uncertain, everything is unwritten. What we can do is just to get on with life and shred off the failures and the negativities.
On a gloomy rainy afternoon in my box town, after giving myself a big break short after I ended my two years meaningful relationship with a guy and having my life on hold because of this one particular relationship, I decided I will jump over the continent and travel to the other side of the world : I decided to go to Rome.
I had been to Rome before in my teenage years with my family on a tour. When we reached the Trevi Fountain, like all of the tourists from all over the world, I threw my coin with one significant wish : I wish that someday I will come back to Rome. And see ? I did. I spent a lot of money to travel and indulge, but we need to get ourselves to places that we’ve never imagined before. That IS indeed something extraordinary. When we decide to just do it, to just travel, to soak on the cultures, the beauty, the view, and the moment – that’s a decision you’ll never come to regret. We can always look for money, pile it up high, but if we don’t give ourselves a break to just enjoy with whatever life can bring, it’s the worst decision ever that you’ll come to regret – eventually.
Imagine ourselves : grey and old, crippled, weak with no more extra energy to get our asses up the coach, because our lives are running out and we’ll soon come to the end. We’ll think about all the places we could have been, the beautiful things we could have seen. There are nothing more we can do, if it’s all too late already.
So take the leap of faith, book that plane ticket, don’t be afraid. Those uncertainty are thrilling. Those unwritten pages of your lives are there to be written. We can decide where we want to go, what we want to learn, which experiences will be the next best things. Decide to cross over and let yourself wonder and wander.
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On those summer days, I walked and walked the beautiful city of Rome. Ignoring the Hop On and Hop Off bus, I went around on my two feet, indulging everything. Breathing, inhaling and exhaling, and that feeling was the most beautiful ever. Being there, amongst all of the strangers, listening to the beautiful Italian language here and there and caught the dialect being spoken by true Roman people. The friendliness, the music swayed around from every corner, even the heat. That was the best decision I’ve made in two years : travel solo to Europe. And not just any ordinary place : Rome.
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Decide to do something daring. Just do. Decide on an adventure. Time and those places will pass, but memories stay forever and you won’t regret : what could have been, should have been.
Attraversiamo – let’s cross over THE WORLD. Love, S xoxo.

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