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Somebody I Used To Know

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When we live our lives, we bumped into a bunch of million little things. One of them is friendship. Isn’t it funny how strangers could become friends and just in a blink, friends also could become strangers. It’s a mixed up, complicated yet simple formula how interactions between humankind work.
I met my first friend in Milan during the first day of class on one beautiful morning. Having troubled to fall asleep the previous day as the AC in my room – God forbid – didn’t work very well, I was seated next to Marichu. We talked to each other and tell a little bit about our lives back home. As the day went by, the recess came and the two people seating in front of us turned and introduced themselves. Right there and then, I became friends with Kashish and Lishi. We created a group chat that day for school purposes, but several years later the group chat is still there with occasional chats here and there.
The coolest part is that these people became my friends with no judgements. Sometimes when we met new people, we tended to dig deeper around their pasts and judged them for those thing happened in their previous lives. The coolest part about exchanging different and more modern cultures are that they are more open minded and free spirited compared to the people I’ve met back in box town, a little dot of city in Java, Indonesia. It’s not like that everybody is like that, but commonly, people from a really small place often grow up with small minded opinions.
At the end of the day, I’m so thankful with this friendship that I shared with them through life. The very last day of school when everybody finally graduated, we hugged each other in front of school and bid our goodbyes. But good friendship worth the distance, and we’re still the same four people who used to do recess together.
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What I ate for breakfast in the summer. My love for pistachios has grown ever since I licked my first pistachio gelato in Milano.
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One big chunk of what I did in school : styling photoshoots.
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Some of the guilty pleasures that I indulge after school. Tastebuds have been taken up and fly away to Heaven.
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The closure of everyday, gelato ! My favourite is Venchi, what’s yours ?
When we bumped into someone in life, we wouldn’t know who that person used to be. What that person did right or wrong. What’s the history behind this person’s life or anything like that. I don’t think that matters after all. What we can look out for is what that person is like today, tomorrow and in the future. Somebody could be really evil yesterday, but some people capable of changes, and that is good.
All I know is that everyday, we wake up, and it’s the beginning of a day, a clean slate. Fresh starts are available everyday. It’s not about who we were, it’s who we become. We give ourselves new chances, why not give them to others too.
With love and thoughts, S.

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