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Goodbye Sucks

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Have you ever been in one moment, at a place and at a time, where you’re having so much fun : feeling blessed and grateful, feeling free and happy, laughing so hard at something, being someplace that wowed us or amazed us, and then in a blink, that moment already passed away. What’s left is only a memory, which you’re having a hard time to move on from.
Well, living in this world, there’s no such a thing as rewinding one of our most favourite moment again and again as the time machine is something that is impossible to invent. Even when we try to re create something, sometimes the result is not as close as before. In the end, we have to accept the fact that we bid our goodbyes to some things that we loved. Either it’s a moment, a place, a time, or even a person.
Some goodbyes are hard. Why ? Because we make them that way. When we hold on to something on the palms of our hands, and we hold on to it too tightly, it breaks us when we forcefully have to let go. We have to learn to hold on to things loosely. There’s no such things as forever. That’s something that we have to learn as we grow older. That sucks, but that’s the reality.
Sometimes, I always have hard times to let go. Regrets consuming me and I kept on thinking those things I’ve taken for granted. If we wonder what ifs and not moving on from these, we’ll have no future to look out for. We kept on thinking backwards and there are no good use on this. What we can accept is the fact that we realised we missed out on some things and we learned, and then from this experience, we can make the best out of what’s happening in the moment or the future.
One of the best moments in my life was my life as a fashion stylist student in Milan. Being in a foreign place, meeting new people, learning something new, going places that takes my breathe away. The firsts of moments that to this day, is one of the greatest memory I’ll take for life.
So breathe, give yourself a break, and just enjoy the ride. That’s the beauty of life. Things are not eternal, humans are not immortal, moments are to passed on and life is just about moving on. Keep moving on.
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Meet Lishi and Marichu, two of the best girls I’ve met during my study in Milan. Lishi is a visionary from India and Marichu is just the coolest girl ever from Mexico. We still have our group chat on our WhatsApps and of course, we’ve been keeping in touch. Some friendships are worth the distance.
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The best summer food in Milan and one of the best view I’ll always remember. Taking the place on top of Il Museo Del Novecento, facing Milan Cathedral, here comes one of the best Veal Milanese I’ve ever had in life. Breath taking view and one dish that will take away your soul and blow your mind. Almost everyday, after school, one of my most favourite place to do this : Il Dolce Far Niente.
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One of my fashion tutor from school told me about this amazing gelato place and I just had to get my ass down there and try it myself. Settled down for pistachio and chocolate flavour, it’s a must-eat every afternoon. Period.
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Welcome to my neighbourhood back then. Milano Naviglio, where my school and dorm took place. How I wish to jump into these photos and relive the moments.
Happy living people. Even when you’re not happy today, just try.
Peace and love, S.

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