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Ciao, Bella !

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There are times in our lives where we feel like things are moving so slow or not moving at all, as if things were stuck and we got nowhere to go. We kept on thinking and feeling like our lives got no hopes, let alone futures to look for. Well, everybody is human, so I guess, at some point in life, whatever those circumstances that we were facing, we were there. That point of being stuck, hopeless and soulless. Where dreams seemed crushed and we were facing dead ends. Just like being in a rollercoaster ride, there are highs and lows and being scared and being excited about something.
Up to this photo was taken, I thought my life was over. I thought studying abroad in Europe was just in a dream. After failing bluntly on moving for good to San Fransisco, I thought my chances were over. But then, there I was, standing in front of the beautiful Milan Cathedral, after my first class of Fashion Styling education in Milan, Italy.
I’ve been to Italy before for a holiday, and seems like spending my time there as a student was much different. Blending in with other students from all over the world, living in an Italian apartment with my fellow students and soaking up the cultures and the people for a fairly long term. What sophisticated for me was that the Italians know how to see the beauty in everything. Even there is this saying, Il Dolce Far Niente which stands for The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing. Even in boredom, in doing nothing particularly, we can find a beauty in it. Imagine like in one super hectic, super busy day, we will crave for some down time and chill time, in that situation, we must find the beauty of not doing anything at all. I learn that there is a beauty in everything, every situation, if we look closer and dig deeper. Inhale and exhale. Breathe. At the end of the day, the worst will be over and we could pass the previous ‘worst’, didn’t we ?
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So, whenever I feel stuck with life, I always think again. How I thought I was going through hardships, or what I thought was the roughest patch of life, I could get through it anyway. If we believe that life is as simple as just living it and be grateful for what we have even in the worst of days, then trust me : you’ll see it when you believe it. So see a hope, believe in a future, you’ll get there eventually.
So there I was, after my first day at school, eating chicken and fries and facing the beautiful cathedral, in Milan. Yes, Milan.
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When life throws you lemon, make yourself a tangy lemonade, with a splash of something strong. Drink them, and have fun. Love, S.

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