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Let It Be For What’s Meant To Be

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It is said that in life we should set goals and targets, chase our dreams and ace ourselves. But does it ever cross our minds, that sometimes, when we try too hard, those things we desire so much slip off our palms ? Sometimes in life, it’s not about stressing so much, getting frustrated, or depressed because we’re after what we want. Sure, we have to try our best, but our best still has its own limitations. And when we over expected something, sometimes those things we hope for, never happen. In this life, probably from time to time, we have to just step back, stay still and let the universe take over. Because what’s meant to be, won’t slipped away from you. Well, just a thought.
Be still, don’t strive. And don’t be afraid. Silence all your fears. Face the world with a little faith that at the end of the day, some things will sort themselves. Good thing takes time.
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Never thought before that after two years off travelling and holding on to a relationship that will not ever work out anyway will get me here. On a chilly but cheery Amsterdam morning, strolling around Chinatown for some hot food to warm my freezing cheeks.
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Bumped into one of the most exciting stores I’ve ever found in life and unlikely a fashion store where I always shop like a maniac. It’s a music store and I’ve made a friend who told me about interesting music, books and hidden clubs !
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Never crossed in my mind before also, that I will learn Dutch, made Dutch friends, and finally be happy again. Well, you’ll never know. So stop jumbling around yourself. Take a deep breath and slow down. Therefore, you’ll see life on a different angle.
When you’re trying too hard to get something you want, but it’s not the time, you’ll never get it anyway and you’ll end up dissapointed. Let go, let things flow. See where life takes you. Sometimes, it takes you to places you’ve never imagined before. Just like my growing love for Netherlands. Never thought I would fall for such a chilly city! See ?
Well, good nite. Sleep tight. Love, S.

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