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Embrace Your Firsts

There are times in your life where you experience everything for the first time. Since the day we were born, the first second we were actually in this world, the first time we opened our eyes, the first time we talk, walk or run. Firsts are in fact important little details in our lives that we sometimes neglected without realising them and in a blink, it pass.
Isn’t it exciting to meet people for the first time ? You’ll have new people around you, the new faces, new characters, but when the time come, there will be nothing new about those people. They’ll be just people.
When you’re moving to the city next door or even to another country, the excitements of new experiences, jobs or the simplest thing like food and drinks can be excited. But also, time will go by and all of those would be just regular routines.
The excitements and the sparks, the fireworks of every first that you experience in life are the things that we don’t realise very often. Those things are precious. The genuine happiness of something really new, before it becomes the same same but a little different thing every day. It might not always be something pretty, but, I think we should definitely enjoy every new piece in our life paths. When things are new, that’s the moment when it’s most precious and happiest.
Going to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on these photos below might not be my first visit. But that was my first time exploring the city, breathing in the gorgeous city and boy, I’ve been taking the love in my heart. Scored and unforgettable. And how I would give anything in the world, to experience such a feeling, the FIRSTS.
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It wasn’t that cold, that day. The breeze is warm and the sky is blue. It was a start of a sunny day. Strolling around my first few days.
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Started the day with Starbucks, like most Indonesians. Duh. But, tasted better, just because I was in Amsterdam.
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Urban Outfitters, one of my favourite stores. They always have interesting decor and they always have great collections. The habit is, to walk out from the store with at least one shopping bag. LOL.
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Strolling down all the way with no exact directions. Took me here and there, but no complains needed. Everything was so beautiful, everything was so interesting. It’s unforgettable. I’m grateful I’ve been there.
Dutch’s ready to wear made to order shop. It was interesting to watch people make something beautiful up close and personal.
Growing grey and old peacefully, with a lot of firsts experiences.
Be grateful for your every firsts. You’ll never experience those firsts ever again.
Just a thought. Love, S.

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