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I Don’t Mind To Be an Amsterdam-er

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One long flight with a bit of a Middle East transit pinched in between, I survived a jet lag and one good night rest, sleeping hard like a baby. After a good hot shower and a little cold weather outfit fix, I walked out from my hotel and stroll down the street of centre Amsterdam. As my hotel is in Dam Square area, it was already a busy morning with people walking and biking. It was a walk around without a really precise destination and I was in no hurry. So I decided to just kept on walking until I see something that I really interested in, and just walk in.
As I hadn’t have any breakfast or anything, just water to hydrate myself, I bumped into a small bakery called Rene’s Bakery Amsterdam and stopped for my morning caffeine routine. Ordering myself a hot latte, the smell of the baked carbohydrates filled up the space and it was so warm and inviting. Serving also the original Dutch poffertjes, I was tempted to try something from the bakery. After a long consideration, I tried on something savoury, which is what they called saucijs brood. It was basically a glistening, golden, crisp pastry on the outside, doughy on the inside, filled with juicy spiced dense meat with a texture that almost ham-like. I bit into it and it was a total heartwarming good morning light breakfast on the go. It is said that this place is one of the oldest bakery on the street. I was glad to spot the place. Good latte and good pastry. If I wasn’t careful and being greedy, I think I could try all of the bakery’s selections on display.
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Being a tourist that day, I stopped by one of the gourmet cheese shop and look around first. Undecided on which cheese to buy and to bring home. It needed a lot of thoughts as I will bring the goodie with me around Europe first before I head home. So I just looked around on the selections of cheese and took a photo. I know. So touristy, right ? LOL.
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That day, I planned to go museum hopping. But the Rijksmuseum turned out to be bigger and more gigantic than I thought it would be, so we decided to go back the next day and just stroll around the area to look around the art galleries and smaller museums. And boy, I fell in love. The two places that I remembered and carved into my heart were Wanrooij Gallery and Morren Galleries. My interests have always been involving art 90%, so I always love to spend more time than most people in one single art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s painting, statue or anything. When it’s artistic, I always get interested. I think every art piece is beautiful and has its own meaning. No matter how small.
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Stopped by Hard Rock Cafe and sat outside to enjoy one of their burgers. I forgot ( again ) the name but here’s a good photo of the dish. It was delish! I finished the whole thing. Yes, this girl enjoys good food ! Haha. And don’t forget to always exercise, readers !
It was a beautiful day in Amsterdam with my Dad, an experience that I indulge, thankful for, and yes – I’ll take around forever in my lifetime.
Til the next Amsterdam post !

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