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Quality Time is The Best Time


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People can give you things. Whether it’s that smart phone you’ve been wanting all along or that dress that you’ve been admiring through the shop window. The list will always be endless and you’ll want many different things. Material things as what us as human who still live and breathe in this world find it as an endless desire.
But I personally always think that time is the best present anyone can give. Whether it’s making some time off on vacation even though you’re in a packed schedule for your loved ones, or simple just put down your gadgets and concentrating to talk to each other. It’s that small little detail that people who live in this busy buzzing world, that often forgotten.
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My Mom has always been that super busy Mom with her jet set career and a lot other activities intact with her daily routines. Everybody always needs her. She’s on her phone almost all the time and the texts she receive everyday is endless. But whenever I ask her for some mother daughter quality time for the weekend, she’s there. Surely she checks on her phone once in a while ( a lot actually ) but she does make time to go on a short vacation with me and listen to me rant about life.
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Our favourite talks have always been those in some great cafes or restaurant over brunch or dinner. With good food and good talk, life always seem a lot brighter and a lot happier.
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So wherever you are, whoever your are, if you think about someone that matters to you but you’ve been kind of neglecting and taking that person for granted, pick up your phone and plan to meet up. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes. What matters is that you’re making time. To listen and to just be there.
Good night people. Peace and love, S.

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