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Left My Heart in The Grounds of Alexandria


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Never been a fan of an overnight flight, but there I was flying directly from Jakarta to the land of OZ, one of the places that I visit many times, Sydney to be exact. The main reason I went there was to see Justin Bieber’s concert and decided to at least spend my time for 7 days and 6 nights to explore the city, also visiting friends and family who live there. I was greeted by the warm breeze by the time I stepped outside the airport and it was a beautiful sunny day mid March. My Mom’s older brother picked me up at the airport and I thought we were going some place humble, with me, having no make up, straight from the airplane with no shower that morning ( gross of myself of course – ew ). The only thing I did was brushing my teeth and being a girl — man, that’s not enough.
As he drove down the beautiful Sydney morning, passing the bricked buildings, the people starting their activities that morning, he mentioned this place that he referred to as a really gorgeous place called The Grounds of Alexandria. I said, I was eager to visit the place, but can we at least shower first ? He said that it’s too early to check in into our hotel and let’s just go straight away. With a heavy heart and a chance of no photos of myself, here we come.
Arriving that morning around 10.30AM, the place was packed ! It was a weekend, then, we realised and we saw an indeed long queue of people trying to get tables and takeaways. Decision made, we would just stroll around the place and look around, and we’ll be back on weekday morning. Without hesitation, I fell in love with the place.
Greeted by endless greeneries surrounding the place, all of the cute trolleys selling their goodies, such as many kinds of cakes, cupcakes, candies, donuts were lining alongside the endless stone pathways into the centre of the place. You can choose between dining inside or outside in the garden. There are selection of coffees and food and they are endless. People from every ages seemed to enjoy the enchanting morning vibe and savouring the beautiful meals. I just couldn’t get enough of the place. It was so beautiful, it took my breath away. I already forgot about me being so gross, fresh from the plane. There was this cute girl singing with her guitar, florists with endless of beautiful flowers and plants selections. There were also a really creative weekend market happening around the entrance with people selling crafts like cards, handmade paintings, handmade clothings and popsicles. I think it’s some kind of heaven on earth of some sorts. A festivities so warm, so close to nature, yet so modern. It’s heartwarming.
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The second time around I went there, on a weekday, the atmosphere is not as festive as I found it on the weekend but there were still crowds and people waiting to be seated either inside or outside. I got a seat inside and ordered the brunch menu. It was good as expected. I totally forgot the name of the menu, but the flavour both from the refreshing smoothie and the toast with sautéed kale and salmon that I ordered ? Superduperultralove and it’s really a wholesome meal, straight making your soul happy.
And finally, meet Kevin The Bacon ! You can drop by and say hello to him at The Grounds of Alexandria. Such a big cutie. There was this one time he went missing and the whole Sydney went nuts looking for him ! Found him at the end of the day. My gorgeous friend that I met in Bali, Ash, told me this story. It was hilarious !
Sunglasses : FENDI – Quilted Bomber Jacket, Lacey T-Shirt, Ripped Denim : TOPSHOP – Sneakers : ADIDAS YEEZY BOOST – Bag : VALENTINO
So, that’s how much I love this place. Sometimes, when you fall in love with a place, you left your heart there with a memory. And guess what, I’ll be back for sure !
With love, S.

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