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A Money-Can’t-Buy Legacy

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Some people say that their Moms are their superheros. Whether this is true and purely from their hearts or it’s just a matter-of-factly mainstream thing to say to showcase that they follow that bumper sticker thing or a caption founded on Pinterest or Instagram. But for me, this is true, with all of my strength and all of my heart.
Right from the start, my Mom has always been there. There might be some super successful Moms who would be too busy to even listen to their children rant and stuff and exchange their lack of attentions with material things. But that’s never the case for my Mom. I am a spoiled kid, indeed. But I’ve never been the kind of girl who always get what she wants whenever she asks for it, she’ll want me to work for it. Whether it’s the small things like getting an A for exams and then she would take me shopping and buy those clothes that I wanted or be the star student and gifted me an iPad. Those sorts of things. I’ve been the witness too, of our growing family business and she gets busier and busier each and everyday. But every time I got boyfriend problems or just simply sad because of those hormones on my period, guess what : she’s THERE. She listens. She gives me time. She pushes back meetings for my meltdowns. That’s where I learn that the best gift a person can present is indeed TIME.
She also the one who shows me that having more than most people we should share what we have. Helping others in need but be smart with it and not being naive that people can get advantages from us. She always tells me that when you give to others, give with all your hearts and not hoping to get anything back from those people. People tend to forget, but you’ll be given more by others. And at those time in needs, that’s their blessings. It’s good to bless people.
She’s also who tells me that if you do something wrong, ask for forgiveness, that shows that you respect people and yourself. Whether they forgive you or not, it’s their part. Your part is done. And when you are hurt by anyone, chin up, let go and forgive them, even though they don’t realise what they’ve done. That, your part, is done. And your heart is set free.
Doing good or doing bad, people will talk. Let them. Focus on yourself. Because you’re a star and never let anyone in this world tell you otherwise and take down your sparkle. You matter. I’m proud of you no matter what.
And that’s just some of them. She makes me whole. I’m so proud and I love my Mom. Not because she’s able to give me things, but because she teach me things that money can’t buy. Everything that I am today, it’s hers.
Thankful. S.
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Mom’s surprise birthday bash. That’s how much she’s loved. By many.
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She took this photo.
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