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Can’t Buy Me Love

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Some people are lonely, some people are loner. Either way in some point they tend to pair up to get away from loneliness. Little did they know, pairing up with other human being has more meaning than just running away from being alone. Chaos can be resulted from choosing a partner out of loneliness.
In my opinion, you just got to learn to love yourself first and find yourself before you choose a partner in life. You’ve got to live your life and feel alive first. Because, if you don’t love yourself enough, how on earth would you know how to love the other person ?
I got an ex boyfriend who’s eager to be with me again just because he THINKS he loves me enough to be with me. But he keeps destroying himself by eating bad, smoking, lying around about me just to make him feel good and better – running away from all the blame, gossiping me around like a maniac – this is an example of undetected self pity and unrealisable self destruct. How can you feel good about yourself, when you bring the other person down ?
When you have the courage to be honest and respect yourself – that’s the symptom of you, loving yourself. By keeping your chin up when people talk bad behind your back and forgive them instead of seeking revenge. When you don’t poison your mind with the negative things people say about you or thinking too much about somebody who hates you and let go of the things that out of your control. When you focus on yourself and how to make yourself better. That day when you think about yourself more and how to beautified yourself ? That’s the day where you’re able to make your partner happy and not turning someone’s life to be miserable, that’s the day you’re ready.
Think first ! Love, S.
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Just a random thought though. Peace and Cheers xoxo.

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