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This Too, Will Pass

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Welcoming October 2018 with a hearty bowl of good breakfast and a feel good cup of cappuccino, Bali style.
They all say that everyday is a new beginning. And if you want to start, start now. Never plan to start on a Monday unless it’s a Sunday. How many Mondays have been and gone since you plan to start something but never did ? Or else, you’re nowhere near starting something because you get caught up in confusion ? Baby darlings, I am too, have been in this condition – a LOT. When you think that your life, career or love is a dead end, remember – we’re humans. Everybody has their good days and bad days. It come and goes in a rotation like riding a Ferris wheel.
Your dead end in front of you is just a matter of phase that will go away eventually. You’re allowed to get stressed out, anxious, sad and any other gloomy feelings, but never let those feelings consume you. Think about one super duper very bad day in your life, think way back, dig it, and it’s in your past. You’re here. Today. Breathing. Alive. And it’s just a past. See ? Bad things happen. But they go away. Sooner or later.
So, Happy Monday from me, wherever you are, whatever you are feeling, you are not alone.
Love, S.
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Sunglasses : FENDI – Playsuit : ZARA – Accessories : BALI UBUD’s MARKET


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