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Being an Ubud Tourist in a Day Won’t Hurt

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Some might say Ubud is a place for the older people. Others say it’s the best place to do yoga and meditation. Some say you’ll find wonderful healers here. Others might say Ubud is a place to calm down and find your inner peace. You’ll also hear that in Ubud you’ll find unique finds in the market. I’ll say : Ubud is a great place to find food.
People tend to think Ubud is far. It’s not. It’s reachable with any transportation, either by bikes or cars, depends on where your starting departure point is. It’s worth a visit if you’re around in the island. Ubud is different. An amazing kind of different. It’s beautiful. And in this post, let’s do a good nice love at a first sight info on Ubud : FOOD.
On a one fine day near to the weekend, I drove up to Ubud with some friends. The journey began and we enjoyed the view entering Ubud. The traditional feeling, the bold cultural ambience, the nature and the people walking alongside the sidewalk, it’s totally different. The trees, all green and beautiful provided by Mother Nature. It’s a gorgeous place indeed.
Being an Indonesian who always love rice ( boohoo to you all who say you don’t LOVE rice. It’s a big difference between LOVING rice and NOT EATING rice because you stay away from the carbs. Once in a while you can eat rice. Come on ), I intend to eat a meal with rice involve. So we stopped by Bebek Bengil Restaurant or Dirty Duck Diner. Being one of the early pioneers of a crispy duck dish accompanied with rice and some traditional greens, the place usually packed up with people. Mostly, you’ll spot local Indonesians but it’s also possible to spot some foreigners savouring the delightful dish. They also have selections of other main courses and desserts, but come on ? All the way to Ubud to this place and not eating the ultimate dish ? It’s like one of your biggest sins. Some people eat with their hands, they say it’s more delicious and enjoyable plus fun that way, but you can eat with the cutleries too, of course. With the extra side of Sambal Matah, a Balinese kind of chilli herbs and spices sauce, you’ll have a nice experience of eating an Indonesian local food, surrounded by trees and rice paddies.
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So here’s the photo of the delish delish delish dish. Rice, crispy duck, a watermelon and slices of oranges. I didn’t get the photo of Sambal Matah, I’m sorry, and be careful for you all who can’t handle spicy sambal, please do take a tiny bit amount of dip first before you go gaga about it. Some greens on the side and I always drink plain ice tea with this meal. I don’t know why, I can’t explain why, but it’s delish.
After this wonderful happy meal, I always drop by to my most favorite gelato place in Bali. Gaya Gelato. They have several stores in Bali, but my first visit was the one in Ubud. Whichever store is fine, because they serve the same amazing gelato, the difference would probably be the available flavours. It’s a little bit far from the Ubud merrier locations, but it’s not too far that you can reach it.
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Besides gelato, they also sell range of great cookies. Tried every single one of them, I love them all. I can’t seem to choose my favourite.
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So that’s my Ubud favourites, part one. I have a healing : healing from my strict diet plan and a happier mood result. Haha. Must try flavour : PISTACHIO of course !
Til next time ! Love and cheers xoxo, S.
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