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Sunny, With a Chance of Good Breakkie

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9.30AM and the life of Seminyak just about to start. Early riser walked alongside the sidewalk passing by the rows and rows of stores that had not yet open. Some people already begin their morning ritual of prayers in front of their stores or simply just cleaning their windows before they started to get down to business. The smell of Balinese fragrance that came from the lit traditional Balinese incenses. The warm breeze of the sun that started to peek and it would be hot before you know it.
Walking in my Converse with a friend, we were thinking in sync, what’s for breakfast. Because there are so many choices of good places with good food. Bali is really blessed with people opening up their business, infusing their creativities towards food and coffees. To balance them out, there are also a lot of new fitness places everywhere that recently opens up.
It was hard to stay in shape at first because you’ll have the tendency to try the good places, hidden gems and so on. But at the end of the day, you’ve got to choose to work out to balance out all of those yummy food. Imagine this, taking a big carb-up brunch, and you still couldn’t resist the selection of desserts. Fight the will all you want, some made the winner, some gave in and indulge.
Jumping to somewhere further away, I love seeing sunsets and the view of the afternoon sky and ocean, lined up in horizon. The sounds of the wave, the chatters and the people. Single Fin, located in Uluwatu, offers it all. Taken a place in a cliff, you will have a wide angle of seeing the work of God all together, what a blessed island, Bali is.
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NALU BOWLS, available in the entrance of Single Fin, and you can take the yummy bowl in. Watching the view, eating good and healthy food. Isn’t it the best medicine to be one thing : happy ?
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My home has a lot to offer. Probably one post, two post, even hundreds, won’t be enough. Writing this out of misery of missing my home at heart.
Goodnight people, with love from S.
Top : ZARA – Bag : BALENCIAGA – Accessories : MARC JACOBS – Sneakers : CONVERSE ALL STARS

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