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I’ve Had To Have Some Spritz, So I’ve Picked On You

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It was a rainy Bali afternoon back then, I was up near Ubud stuck in a traffic jam with a friend because we just decided to do something silly on impulse : eat some gelato in Ubud and head back to Seminyak. We took that decision based on a failed attempt to tan and experience the golden hour and sunset, as the sky decided to pour out the happy tears unstoppably and without a tiny bit of mercy.
The traffic jam got worse and worse, so my friend who drove our favourite red Mazda rented car from the usual Balinese guy she knew, took a turn and headed back to Seminyak, as it was pointless to continue our even more pointless journey to Ubud. All that mattered to us were not the gelato and the sunset, it was the quality time of two best friends, who happened to start get busy with individual lives, and not spending as many time together anymore. So the journey continued and we arrived at Seminyak after some squeaky singing on top of our lungs in our car.
We decided to drop by The Bistrot before dinner, located in the heart of Seminyak. It’s always been one of my most favourite spot. If you notice from the outside, it was right in the corner, next to one of the most hype club in the area. With the glass exterior you can take a glimpse of what’s going on inside. An impressive beautiful gorgeous restaurant, decorated with crystal chandeliers, wooden and stone walls, high ceiling spacious interior where you can take a peek of the upstairs bar and dining area, warm ambience and cozy indeed with some comfortable inviting sofas all around the area, the charming staff and their stylish vintage-like almost-not-a-uniform kind of uniform, the place is industrial with the touch of classic retro feels. Sometimes, when I need some lone-time, I’ll be sitting on one of the comfortable sofas upstairs with my novel in the afternoon, sipping a Spritz or two.
Personally I think it’s a great place to have a heart to heart talk with your best friend, doing a romantic date with your loved one, or doing a family dinner. This place fits everything you want for having meals with your heart. The place suits fine dining but it’s indeed for casual dining. I think the food is great too. I’ve tried their steak and burger. I forgot the name of the dish specifically, but I think everything they serve here, they serve with love.
It was one of the best girls time ever. Me and my best friend got distracted with our lives and barely talk nowadays. It’s funny isn’t it, that somebody can be so close to us and the next thing you know, you barely text each other. But this afternoon would forever be a moment I keep close to my heart. A moment of great friendship, silly talks and love.
I’ll love you as my best friend forever. And I’ll cherish this moment we have spent together.
Love, S.
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” Enjoy the little things, one day, you’ll look back and realised, they were big things “
Dress : Altered to be shorter MISS SELFRIDGE – Headband and Shoes : FOREVER 21 – Bag : Overseas Local Brand – Accessories : Randomly selected from local brands and markets

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