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Thirty, Dirty, Flirty, Thirsty

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First day of being thirty – I’ve survived, I’m alive. I slept at 11pm the previous day, savouring all the last bit of being 29, leaving one hour left and just closed my eyes and let go. I woke up 2.20am-ish and saw my phone, it blinked and blipped all the early messages of happy birthdays. The top pack consists of my best friends in box town, Bali and the land of the OZ. By the time I’ve really woken up, I got messages from all over the world. And I smiled. That was one of the best thing happened to me. Seeing friends sending their loves from every corner of the whole wide world, wherever they are.
Looking back, my friends weren’t as many and as diverse. My happy birthdays last year were less than this year. So I achieved my goal of having friends from all over the world. This totally makes my day. I did the ordinary, I went to the gym, I got home, and got a surprise happy birthday song from my whole family. Receiving the first present of the day and I love it to the core. It was a successful morning. Followed by a tiny celebration at my design workspace and my best friend dropped by and gave his present from me. Opened it and I also love it. Another friend came by, I opened the present, and again I love it. I love all of my presents this year. Presents on point so far. Haha.
At the end of the day, I don’t feel so bad anymore about turning thirty. Being with family, receiving happy birthdays from everywhere in the world and presents, reading all of the warm wishes, it warms my heart so much. To know that people care.
Either I’m accepting the fact that I’m now going to face thirties or not, choosing to feel sad or happy about it, sulking or smiling, it’s still something that I’ll need to face and go through with my head held up high. I can be sad. I’ll still need to go through with it. I can be happy. I’ll still need to face it. Time is ticking and if I choose to loath, I’ll be losing some of the precious times that I can probably make great moments and memories about them all. If I can’t run away from it, I’ll choose the better attitude, the attitude of creating magic moments, every single day.
So here’s to the years ahead.
Keeping it fierce and bold. Love, S.
Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetProcessed with VSCO with fp8 presetProcessed with VSCO with fp8 presetProcessed with VSCO with fp8 preset
Dress and Bumbag : TOPSHOP – Accessories : MANGO – Sneakers : FILA DISRUPTOR
Processed with VSCO with fp8 presetProcessed with VSCO with fp8 preset
A little thought about presents. I think doing a DIY present wrapping and handwritten notes are more personal rather than having messages typed up and presents wrapped from the stores or some sorts. The more personal you do things for someone you care about, the more love you show for those people. The more the messages get to people’s heart. It’s just a little thought. I made these two for two of my best girls. It was really amateur but I was really proud of myself. It made me happy and they were so excited about the packages. Just an idea. Because, why not just once in a while. Right ?

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