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Part Time Loner, Full Time Friend

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Some of my possessions : the bag, the perfume, the rings and the book – all scattered on one of my most favourite chairs to sit, placed in one of my most favourite places on earth.
Normal people have two kinds of days : the good days and the bad days. Even the most uplifting, cheerful, happiest person on earth would probably has one day where it all seems so bad and needs an alone time. That person everyone ? One of them is me.
People say I’m friendly and warm, I love to be around people and probably I would say that I’m a people’s person. I have this tendencies of pleasing others, whereas I would hate it so much if I ever offended someone or do something wrong to others and creating bad vibes or making a little dot of damage in a pretty relationship to anyone. Even there are days where I’ll be recalling who I’ve met in that day and if I wasn’t friendly or cheery enough. Sometimes, it’s pretty tiring.
When I’m dieting, I tend to be cranky, but I’ll do my best not to show that mood around people. When I’m not sleeping enough, I’m a ticking time bomb. Ready to explode. When I get too tired, I feel like I’m a negative cloud walking around unable to function. On these days people, I’d love to be in my own bubble, pleasing myself and not others, and just do the shit that I love to do so much since I was a little kid : reading.
Afternoon reading, with some music swaying in the background, not doing anything, not talking, enjoying the mood and the vibe, sometimes it cures the worst day of your lives. On some days, you should take rest from others and enjoy yourself. Might as well, you won’t be as pleasing for others to be around with, when you’re not on your best days. So why would you take risks for people to feel uncomfortable around you and stained your reputation, when you can prevent all that, just by taking a rest, and having some self love lone me time. Sometimes, you’ll just have to let go and miss one hang out session with your friends. You can always hang out later on. And be a better company compared than when you’re not on your best mood. Right ?
Happy Sunday. Love, S.
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Drink your juice, keep hydrated, be healthy and happy too. That’s important.
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Probably one of my most comfortable places to read – rooftop, sunset, golden hours, palm trees and ocean breeze. Take your pick.
Top and Bag : ZARA – Denim : TOPSHOP – Sneakers : CONVERSE ALL STARS ( all worn out and dirty AF )

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