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Crazy Rich Asians : Crazy in Love

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Say hello to some of my favourite reads. Notice the first three books from the left ? Kevin Kwan sure did stole my heart away with his writings. Each book finished under a week, even the last one was done on my vacation in Hong Kong, Dad was barking at me like crazy because I just couldn’t keep my eyes off the pages. I just can’t.
So weekend was up, and I just had get my lazy ass off the couch and went to see this movie which has been haunting me day and night out of excitement : Crazy Rich Asians. Been reading the three books, all captivating me so that I just couldn’t put them off, my hands held on too strongly on the covers and my eyes kept on flying from one sentence to another, I was a book possessed nerd. Not just any books : Kevin Kwan’s books. That’s how great they were.
I was over the moon, knowing that it turned alive into a movie. My favourite book ! Expectation was high and the waiting killed me. Until yesterday. I never go out when I’m in my home town, but I did yesterday, just to see the movie with my two friends, who basically knew nothing about the movie, let alone the books ( duh ! ).
In result, I love the movie. It was funny, touching, filled with beautiful casts and captivating. Taken in the beautiful city of Singapore, where I studied for jewellery design for nearly two years, it sure did bring up the memories. The movie highlights some of the Singapore’s best like the food, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Raffles Hotel, and all that. So it was a beautiful movie, filled with beautiful people, located in a beautiful place. It was reaching the expectations. I think the fashion needs to be taken up notches, knowing by the book it was pictured as much more lavish, but over all, it was a great movie. Some details were changed and out. But still. I will watch it over and over again and it was far away from boring. The characters from the books were actually brought up to life from the actors and actresses. My favorite ? Astrid Leong, of course. Trying to catch a glimpse of Charlie Wu making a nanosecond appearance in the movie but missed it.
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Favourite character in the book itself, favourite character in the movie. Gemma Chan surely makes an Astrid Leong for sure and she’s definitely my new girl crush. I also love her English accent. She’s magic.
One of my favourite scene from the movie was the wedding scene of Collin Khoo and Araminta Lee. It was so gorgeous and unbelievably a touching moment. It was unexpected. I wouldn’t give you spoiler, but definitely will bring you a little jitter to your stomach and probably a little tear to your eye. The moment Araminta stepped into the aisle, it was so beautiful, believe me. See yourself.
I can say that the movie’s cover is eye catching though. Would you agree ?


In some ways, if you’re an Asian, or a Chinese perhaps, you can relate and having some good laughs from the movies. The tendencies of being a Chinese American, you’re Chinese and speak Chinese but American minded and how this can be coped with the traditional Chinese elderly. How do you survive the nosy aunties. The tradition of being approved by the parents and the killer relationship between parents and Chinese sons. How girls can be so powerfully bitchy to get the eligible ultimate bachelor and all that. All the glitz and glamours, the dirts, the family business and the culture. I think it’s a must-watch.
That’s my thought. I’ll be on my way watching this movie the second time this weekend. Cheers x.

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